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3 times i got up last night

to go to the toilet! is that normal?
did you drink a lot of your water late on....??

when I started SS I sometimes used to leave my water til the evening...and had many a night tripping back and forward to the loo....:rolleyes:

then started to drink it earlier in the day....

Debz x
Your bladder does get used to all the extra water after a while, but like Debz said, best not to drink too late into the evening :)


jelly belly
i try and drink most of my water by 8pm as i will be up all night otherwise

kaz x


Gold Member
I try to have most of my water by 4 in the afternoon, then just a little between then & 8....I remember being up 6 times one nite, thought I would never sleep properly again!!!


Ancient Egypt Nut!
I know if I drink a lot after 9pm then I am up in the night at least twice :( and then a grumpy bum in the morning.

As everyone says, it does settle down hun..xx


Silver Member
well I only got up once during the night to go to the loo but, i was awake and got up at 5.30 this morning which is not normal for me.I am begining to get tired now though but my toddler has woken up and is bouncing around the room and soon my 9 month old will be up ready for breakfast.


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I am usually up 2 to 3 times a night, I do try to drink my minimum water by noon and anything after that is a bonus.

As for my toilet habits, my wife had started calling me Shergar, unfortunately it is for the volume of water I expel rather than anything else !
ill probably end up getting up in night tonight, in last 2 hours ive had a coffee, shake and a litre of water :rolleyes: :tear_drop::tear_drop:
well i went to bed at about 1ish, woke up at 5.45 dying for loo but managed to stay in bed till 7, dont think ill drink too much again at night but thats when i find it easiest to drink :sigh:
I find you have to make a real effort to plan your water intake given the copious amounts that are consumed.
I drink about 6 litres on average per day and if for some reason I am unable to drink enough during the day I squeeze the majority of it in during the evening.
This means I'm up and down during the night going to the toilet. I think 4 times is my record so far.
When I do go I pee like a horse! I'm there for ages. One night I woke and staggered half asleep to the toilet and whilst standing over the toilet I was peeing for so long, I almost fell asleep. (ending up peeing all over the floor and seat):D

Now as a rule of thumb I stop drinking around 9pm. This means at worst I'll visit the toilet once at night...I'm sure I can live with that.

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