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3 tin soup


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I've regularly had a tin of toms & a time of BB blitzed when I'm skint and being lazy! lol My C suggested adding the pickled onion (think she maybe saw it here?) and OMG it REALLY makes a BIG difference!

I've never used carrots though. Too much effort, that one extra can ;-) cc
Thanks this will really help when I'm camping - I end up miles from any towns with hardly any fresh veg at the local shop. I have to live on tinned food, so its great to get new ideas!


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I'm going to give this a whirl today! Looks cheap and quick, now I've just got to see if it scores on the final question of, is it tasty?

Will report back after lunch ....


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It was really quick and easy to make. Just 5 or 10 minutes and I had a delicious bowl full of soup and 2 more days worth frozen!

I added Worcestershire sauce to give it a bit of a kick. It was surprisingly lovely and ever so cheap!
blend together the folllowing

1 x tin tomatoes
1 x tin baked beans
1 x tin carrots (drained)
1 x large pickled onion !!!

place in a pan and add some chicken stock and heat up.

This is lovely and tastes like hienz tomato soup.:eek::p:)
Made this the other day and it was nice, eldest son even ate it although he did say "would have been nicer with cream on the top"!

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