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3 weeks in and feeling hungry

Hi - Don't know but I'm in week 2 and I'm hungry every day. Not all the time, but because I'm up early there's a long time between each shake and so I'm definitely hungry for a few hours each day. I just fill myself up on water and peppermint tea / coffee and sit it out. I don't think you can expect to never be hungry, and I'm learning that being hungry isn't going to kill me. I used to panic at the mere thought of being hungry for any period of time but now I can go for a couple of hours with hunger and it doesn't bother me much.

Hopefully someone with more experience can give you some better advice shortly!
I've just started week 4 of CD ss and I'm still bloody starving! Just come back from shopping in the Trafford Centre and it was so hard to ignore the fab food outlets and focus on my tetrabrik!!!! I just keep telling myself its only temporary and its worth the pain!!!!!!!


WILL be Slim!
if your having 4 pints of water a day, try increasing it to 6!
I have about 4 litres of water a day now and my losses have been super until now!
it will go jsut get through it unless you are obviously feeling faint ect..

set a time line anf if still feel physically hungry then maybe think about ss plus
Hi, I guess its just part of the SS... my tummy feels so empty & my intestines feel like they are twirling around. Like above, water is only option, or a black coffee/ green tea x

sorry no fun exciting news breakers there i'm affraid x

Good Luck all x You can do it


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I went 3 weeks first time around really hungry, and this time Im in week 5 and still hungry, but I think most of it is in my head, as soon as I drink water, and really think about it, Im not actually hungry I just want food.

Keep at it, it does get easier.

My cdc told me tonight I should feel no hunger if I am in ketosis. Well I do, all the time. I'm kind of used to it though and I don't mind the physical hunger nearly so much as the mental cravings. Anyway, it is worth it but so far it hasn't got better for me. Other people who have been on the diet for a while say all this goes after about the 6th week - here's hoping. Good luck anyway x

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