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3 weeks in. And lost a massive......!

Do you mean 1lb in total over 3 weeks? If so, do you have a consultant to guide you or a food diary on here we can look at? If you mean a pound a week - that's great!
If your on EE try doing red & green days but the important thing is to not give up - it will show up at some point.


Want to lose a stone!
Ok, are red and/or green days ok when breastfeeding? I mean do you get all you need for the little one? Perhaps I should ask in the bf thread. Id not considered doing that actually, so thanks.

I wasnt using any syns at all in the first week I must admit! It felt odd to me to do so as I would never usually. But I am since, but I dont use all the syns every day. Sometimes 10, 9 or sometimes just 4. Not deliberately scrimping on syns, I just dont fancy it or more than likely it hasnt crossed my mind at all.

Def using mt hex's.

And excercise thats a toughy. I walk a LOT as I dont drive. But with regards to going to the gym or swimming I cant just yet as my baby is too young to leave.
Definitely try red or green. EE doesn't work for everybody. Either plan is fine for bf - you get lots of healthy extras to make sure you and baby get what you need. If you tell your consultant you would like to try a different plan they can guide you. Good luck x
Hi Sarah

I posted on one of your other threads about having a look on HoneyOc's diary too - she does EE but she really demonstrates how to eat healthily for you and the little one while breastfeeding.

Keep going - it may be you need the extra HE's before your body is happy to start losing if that makes sense! Your use of syns sounds fine to me - I am the same, mine vary a lot.

Good luck! :)
I'm not sure if there are any examples on here as I only go Green days so I havent really paid much attention! I will see what I can find :D
I'm sure you've considered this but i'm sure the extra healthy extras you get when breastfeeding are only if you are exclusively breastfeeding. Well at least it was when I was doing it a while ago - had to be careful when you start weaning too. Might be worth double checking if you're combination feeding.

If you are exclusively bf, remember your body is doing amazing things and if you're following it correctly you are still improving your health. Keep track of your measurement as this may be making a difference. Make sure you are really hydrating yourself too. Your body knows what to cling on to for making the best milk for your baby - if it doesn't show now it will soon. SW was one of the few plans you could do whilst pregnant/breastfeeding pre- Extra Easy so red and green days should be fine. X

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