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3 weeks off....

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
3 weeks off plan equals me gaining 6lbs! :cry::cry:

Ho hum I bloody well enjoyed all the food I ate!!

From last sunday I've been back on track and weighed in today. 3lbs off :D and ordered a wii fit. before I went off plan my losses had really slowed down. I was losing about 1lb in every 2 weeks, so figured the reason I wasn't losing as much was because I need to get a bit more active. I have an exercise bike but find it so dull and don't put much effort into it!So fingers crossed that the wii fit will help me continue to drop those lbs!

I would really like to be 10 stone by March 20th next year (My birthday) but I have 2 stone 4lbs to lose to get to that. which sounds hard! But i'll give it a good go!
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Hey Hun!

6lbs...so it's a setback, but not the end of the world, and I'm sure you've enjoyed your 3 weeks off!!

Now you've drawn a line under it, and welldone for the loss this week, perhaps it's what your body needed to start shifting the weight again!!

We all have off days/weeks/months/years, and it's about enjoying it and moving on!!

Your target seems achievable, but don't get too hung up on it! You're planning on being slim for life, right?! Which means even if you miss this birthday, you've got loads in years to come which you'll enjoy as a skinny Minnie!! Just as long as the numbers keep falling, you're well on your way!!

Good luck!!


Little Picker

Wants smaller knickers!
You've done really, really well so far, and it's natural to have a bit of a 'blip' after a while. To be honest, 6lbs in 3 weeks is not that much, not when you've been totally off SW. I gained 4lbs in one week a couple of weeks ago :eek:

For all of us, SW is a journey that we take, and a few will take the path that leads straight to goal, whereas the rest of us will have a few detours along the way and arrive that bit later :)

Like I said, you're doing fantastically well to have lost over 40lbs so far, and it sounds like you're back on track now so good luck for the remaining pounds :D
Well done on the exercise resolution too!! About time i started using the gym membership I'd forgotten about for the past 4 months!!

Bloody waste of money!! Time to make it pay it's way!!

Wow, lucky you!! Ive got to wait another 6 months after you!! Not that we've actually got round to booking anything yet!! :)

Good motivation though innit!! Self in a bikini * shudders at thought*


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