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  1. HERTS_FEM26

    HERTS_FEM26 Full Member

    I started LL again last night after 3 years, 3 years ago i did so amazing i lost 95lb in 12 weeks and felt so good about myself i had a 3yr old and a 9month old and i felt so good about myself then christmas came and i was so devestated as my nan passed and i just quit. i didnt do maintenance and i didnt carry on losing the weight. i put on 8 stone and i felt so upset with myself, i tried so many times to get back onto cambridge but i couldnt do it. now i am back into feeling positive for myself and my kids are 4 and 6 and i wana play with them i wana do things with them that most thin parents can do i wana be able to not wana pass out when i do too much exercise.

    SO HERE WE GO...............
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  3. kathryn B

    kathryn B Full Member

    Good luck! You can do it! I'm on day 2, third time on LL. each time lost the weight but didn't do maintenance. So annoyed with myself but trying to look forwards not backwards :)
  4. HERTS_FEM26

    HERTS_FEM26 Full Member

    Yea apparently the maintenence is the thing to do at the end of it. I am feeling quite positive at moment all the other times i have struggled at the end of day one so i believe i am much more positive.
  5. fifecaz

    fifecaz Member

    Hi am in same boat as you done ll 3 years ago lost the weight now 5 stone on here I go again day 3 does it get any easier .... good luck
  6. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    I also did LL roughly 3 years ago, lost 147lbs on it - some went back on unfortunately. So I'm on my 2nd week of my re-start. 3 years is definitely long enough to forget how mentally draining this diet can be, but I'm still feeling ok about it. We can do it ladies! Let's lose the weight once and for all! ;)
  7. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    im in the same boat starting again, on day 5 now!

    We can do this

  8. HERTS_FEM26

    HERTS_FEM26 Full Member

    I am now on day 5 I struggled for days to get back onto it. Lost 5lb then put 1lb back now I lost 12lb After 5days. Keep tasting and smelling food I used to eat.

    Such a pain. Hope to get past it soon.
  9. HERTS_FEM26

    HERTS_FEM26 Full Member

    Good luck to u all. Hope your all doing well
  10. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Sorry you're struggling Herts :(
    It may be easier for you to leave the room if there's food about, I know that at one point I couldn't even look at a picture without wanting to rush out and get some!

    Have a think about how you could ease yourself into LL, it can be hard to just stop cold-turkey. I found that gradual replacing of carbohydrates and sugary snacks with salad and vegetables weaned me off the cravings - making this so much easier. I haven't actually eaten anything expressly sweet for the last year and we haven't kept b*ead in the house either. It's little things that do work. Slow changes.

    I hope you will feel better soon... If you are really struggling, have a break - because the emotional turmoil of trying, failing and trying can really take a toll on confidence. Take a step back to take the big picture in.

    You'll be ok. We all stumble every once in a while... but then, we get up, dust off and keep going.

  11. HERTS_FEM26

    HERTS_FEM26 Full Member

    Thanks I am doing ok so far. And I in ketosis now so best option is to keep going right??? Well done on ur weight losses.
  12. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Well done on getting back into ketosis - the best option is indeed to keep going! First week is always the hardest - second not so bad, by the third week you won't want all that food. :) You'll be in the zone! Be strong, you can do it! Plan your days out, schedule some activities in, pamper yourself with a bath, find a hobby for the evenings. It will get easier x
  13. HERTS_FEM26

    HERTS_FEM26 Full Member

    Yep on day 7 now and lost virtually a stone which is amazin. Can't wait for weigh in tomorrow. Hope everyone else is doing well.
  14. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Here to follow as you know am following s&s, well done on your loss so far :)
  15. HERTS_FEM26

    HERTS_FEM26 Full Member

    Thank u. Have lost 15lb since I started 2 weeks ago. Hopefully get even better results in next couple of weeks
  16. Nic1559

    Nic1559 Full Member

    You're doing really well, restarting is so tough to stick too. Keep going. :)
  17. walshie

    walshie Member

    Wow you've lost a stone already! You're already doing well so just keep it up :)
  18. HERTS_FEM26

    HERTS_FEM26 Full Member

    I am so upset. I fell off the wagon. I feel so bad. Guess it's start again now!!!!
  19. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    It's only a small slip, we all do them in one way or another - the most important thing is keep a firm hold of the wagon - and don't let it leave without you!! :D
  20. HERTS_FEM26

    HERTS_FEM26 Full Member

    Nope I gonna start again in morning. No more food now and not gonna have the other 2 packs either.
  21. Bettytastic

    Bettytastic New Member

    I can't even bare to weight myself,I'm going to wait until I've done 4 weeks...I'm on day 1 now...I've forgotten, how long does ketosis take?

    I'm doing exante because it's cheaper. But, I know it was the CBT and mindful thinking that helped me the first time...this is the third time...

    I'm such an all or nothing person...this time I've decided that once the weight's off I'm going to eat normally.but, two or three times a week still do total solution packs...has anyone tried this approach?

    can anyone give me a recap?

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