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30 day shred....



Feeling Motivated
Good luck! X
30day shred level 1 day one, complete.....sweating like a pig!!!!!

Attempting zumba!!!!
yeah sod that....jillian shredded me!!!!!
I feel harcore!!!! :asskick: :0icanfly:
Yeah baby!!! ;)
I can almost walk! And I didn't cry!!!

Sweated like a pig though!
And I feel great!!!
Almost walking is good, its one step away from being able to actually physically walk........
I haven't done it today, just got back from Boot Camp.
I cannot even nearly walk!
That is because you are hardcore!! Ask me in the morning!!!!

Don't think I'm ready for bootcamp-jumping jack made things wobble. Ok. Flap. In a most cringe worthy way. Despite sucking it all in an pulling my trousers up to hold it in! The world isn't ready for that yet!!!!!!
I'm not hardcore, I can only be described as pathetic tonight, I was as weak as an anemic guinea pig!
I don't think I'm eating enough (not a phrase often used by me).
So I just had a flapjack........!
Whoooooops xx
You've probably burnt it off already!!!! :D

So 30 day shred. 30 days 20 mins a day then what?!?!? X
Then you congratulate yourself on doing really well, and start doing it twice a day! Lol
10 days at level 1, 10 days at level 2, 10 days at level 3.
Then you can have a mars bar!
Lol! Why about cake?!

Today I thought it wasn't so bad, but. My feet hurt and stairs are hard!!!!

I'm kinda looking forward to tonight. Maybe I'll shred/zumba combo from day 8!
I liked the fact that the girls doing it with jillian looked buff and had obviously been put thru the ringer by my mate Jill previously. They worked up serious sweats like me. Making me not feel quite so bad!!
Sh*t!!! I'm feelin it now!!! Ham strings and obliques!!!!!!!!!


I have been sucking the belly in to help tone all day and I think the results of my shred are starting to show themselves-manifested in pain throughout muscles I'd forgotten were there!!!!

I don't want to bulk up-this sort of interval training is the best way to tone, slim and loose inches/weight??
Just bought myself this, hope this helps my weightloss!!

Thanks for your comments - you made my mind up which dvd to get.
shred shred shred

DAY 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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