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  1. snowqueen

    snowqueen Full Member

    So i started the 30 day shred im on day3 level 1. Day 1 wasn't to bad but i don't think i kept up with it, day 2 i was sweating chunks and my legs and arms ached. Day 3 its getting easier but i find it hard to hear her over my heavy breathing. I took a photo of me before so in going to do it again on day 10 before i go onto level 2 and again on day 20 before level 3. Then day 30 so when in done in hoping there's a huge difference in day1 and 30.
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  3. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Gold Member

    Hi snow queen check out our shred thread if you like!
  4. snowqueen

    snowqueen Full Member

    Great thanks for that x
  5. Maria

    Maria Was born to shop

    I've just bought the DVD from amazon, expecting great things! X
  6. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Gold Member

    Oh dear, I certainly have gone AWOL!

    Helping the in laws move today so that's my exercise taken care of ;)
  7. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Gold Member

    Whoops wrong thread... Come and join the shred team in the other one if you want?!
  8. MummySarahE

    MummySarahE Silver Member

    Once you do 30 day shred I recommend 'Ripped in 30' by Same lady. Its a bit harder but great results.

    Good luck with 30ds :D
  9. Maria

    Maria Was born to shop

    Thanks, I done my first season last night. Thought I was seriously going to pass out.......
  10. danniellea

    danniellea Silver Member

    Hey ladies, I've just done day 10 starting level 2 in the morning just thought I'd share my results... After 10 days I'm happy so far! :)

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