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  1. snowqueen

    snowqueen Well-Known Member

    So i started the 30 day shred im on day3 level 1. Day 1 wasn't to bad but i don't think i kept up with it, day 2 i was sweating chunks and my legs and arms ached. Day 3 its getting easier but i find it hard to hear her over my heavy breathing. I took a photo of me before so in going to do it again on day 10 before i go onto level 2 and again on day 20 before level 3. Then day 30 so when in done in hoping there's a huge difference in day1 and 30.
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  3. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Well-Known Member

    Hi snow queen check out our shred thread if you like!
  4. snowqueen

    snowqueen Well-Known Member

    Great thanks for that x
  5. Maria

    Maria Was born to shop

    I've just bought the DVD from amazon, expecting great things! X
  6. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Well-Known Member

    Oh dear, I certainly have gone AWOL!

    Helping the in laws move today so that's my exercise taken care of ;)
  7. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Well-Known Member

    Whoops wrong thread... Come and join the shred team in the other one if you want?!
  8. MummySarahE

    MummySarahE Well-Known Member

    Once you do 30 day shred I recommend 'Ripped in 30' by Same lady. Its a bit harder but great results.

    Good luck with 30ds :D
  9. Maria

    Maria Was born to shop

    Thanks, I done my first season last night. Thought I was seriously going to pass out.......
  10. danniellea

    danniellea Well-Known Member

    Hey ladies, I've just done day 10 starting level 2 in the morning just thought I'd share my results... After 10 days I'm happy so far! :)

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