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376 days to go!


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This time in 376 days I will have just been on a boat trip to the beautiful Niagara Falls. I will be getting dressed to go to a restaurant that revolves 360° and is 775ft above the ground. I will be comfortable, confident and smiling because I will have just married the man I love and I will have done so knowing that I spent the last year trying my darn best to look as good as possible.

This is my second attempt at Slimming World and hopefully, it will be my last. I have a million reasons to make this time be the time I really succeed and fingers crossed, I'll be looking back on this as the start of a life changing chapter in my life. :)

Day #1.

Breakfast: 1 small slice of wholemeal bread (half HEX) with half a tablespoon of light butter (1 syn), spaghetti hoops and a slice of ham. 1 kiwi fruit.

A plate full of salad (lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions, red peppers, apple, carrot, red cabbage and sweetcorn) with pasta, tuna and 1 tablespoon of extra light mayo (1 syn).

Grilled pork with schwartz seasoning, roasted veg and new potatoes with 28g of grated cheese (HEX).

: 1 alpen light bar (half HEX) and 1 muller light. Various fruit! An options hot chocolate (2 syns).

Total syns: 4

I know I should probably have more syns but I don't really want anything else at the moment, will see how I feel later! :)

E x
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Day number 1 was a success! Day number 2 has been considerably more challenging. I had all my family around for a buffet style dinner and there was crazy amounts of temptation! I think I did okay though. It was kind of tough but I'm so motivated at the moment that I pulled through without eating anything I shouldn't have. Quite proud really!

I'm now about to go swimming for the first time in quite a while. Little bit nervous but hey ho, needs must. :)
Day #2:

Breakfast: Two weetabix with 350ml skimmed milk (both HEX). Sliced nectarine and lots of grapes and melon.

Lunch: Chicken and ham salad with ceaser dressing (4ish syns) and garlic herb baked new potatoes (1 syn). Grapes.

Steamed chicken in an onion broth* with rice and mushrooms. Mmm!

Snacks: Peach FF activia, more fruit.

Total syns: 5ish syns

*this sounds horrid but is actually quite nice! :p


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I'm going to try my first ever red day today. I know that carbs are and always have been one of my major downfalls and I think I would definitely benefit from a few red days!

If anyone could let me know if this looks okay that'd be really helpful... I can't seem to find my books anywhere to check!

Day #3.

Breakfast: A small slice of wholemeal toast (half HEX) with light butter (1 syn), 2 lean pieces of bacon, mushrooms and 28g grated cheese (HEX) and some grapes.

Lunch: Left over chicken and onions with some grated cauliflower.

Dinner: Butternut squash topped cottage pie with cabbage (4 syns).

Snacks: Alpen light bar (HEX), lots of melon and mango.
Options hazelnut hot chocolate.

Total syns: 7

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Hi Emily :) Just had a look at your diary, you are so motivated!! Congratulations on your weight loss to date, and I'm sure that you will achieve your goals ! Can't help you on the red days as I only ever do extra easy (mostly because I'm too lazy to read up on the other plans - and it works for me most of the time) What day are you weighing in?


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Thanks! :) It's always nice to have some feedback either way. I think I've done okay on red, will do the same tomorrow.

I'm weighing on Saturday! I'm doing SW without going to group so I go to my Mums to weigh myself as if I have the scales here I'd be on them non-stop. :eek: What about you? Congrats on the big loss so far!


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Ahh, close to finishing day numero 4! Got offered numerous chocolatey goodness at work today but gracefully declined them all. Proud points + 10! I had another red day, I think I'm a bit hungrier on red than I am extra easy but hunger is a price I am willing to pay if means losing at a faster rate.

In other news, my kitten Korben lost her first tooth today! It's so tiny! I didn't even know kittens lost their teeth but it's all good apparently. I will put a little cat treat in her bed when she's asleep.

Day #4:

Breakfast: Two weetabix with 300ml skimmed milk. I only ate half of this so I also had an alpen light to bump up my HEX.

Left over cottage pie (2 syns).

Dinner: A packet of ham...

Snacks: Grapes, lots of diet coke!

Total syns: 2

*Massive fail
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Thanks! Can't believe I've lost almost 20lbs, I don't feel any different really and my clothes aren't that loose on me! Dunno when that will happen but looking forward to it :)

That is so cute about your kitten! When my dogs were puppies and their teeth were falling out I was freaking out! But it's ok they just grew really really big ones then :)

Was your KFC style chicken nice? I've always wanted to try that, just haven't gotten around to making it yet. Might give it a go during the week :)

I know what you mean about the scales, I bought a pair of WW scales when I started slimming world, and I was on them everyday and they broke after like 3 weeks :p sooo hard to resist the temptation to get on them!


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I'm sure it will happen soon! I think it takes a while before you notice the difference in yourself but I bet other people can notice. :)

Haha, your dogs are gorgeous! I wanted a puppy but my OH wouldn't let me so we got Korben! Although she's kind of like a puppy since she's an indoor cat and plays fetch and all kinds of things. Very fun!

The KFC chicken is amazing! It's so good. I've made it quite a few times before, it's like, a firm family favourite! Idk what happened last night though, I just couldn't be bothered to cook it when it came to dinner to time so I ended up eating a packet of ham... not one of my finest moments lol. (Should probably amend day #4 :eek:) You should definitely try it though! Yum!

Due to my lack of syns over the last few days I'mma push the boat out a bit today. My favouritest sauce ever is home made satay and it works out about 5 syns so will have some of that and a wrap which is also 5 syns. Mmm mm!

Day #5:

Breakfast: Two Alpen Lights (HEX) and an orange.

Lunch: An open chicken satay wrap with loads of lettuce, grated carrot, cucumber and onions. (10 syns - totally worth it!)

Dinner: Pasta'n'sauce (HEX milk) with tuna and green beans.

Nectarine, an apple and an options hot chocolate (2 syns) with left over milk from my HEX.

Total syns: 12! :)

Hehe, that's funny, I wanted a kitten but my OH wouldn't let me! When we moved in together we got one puppy and then my other puppy was a surprise for my 25th birthday :) They are like babies, spoiled rotten!

Your satay sauce sounds nice, how do you make it? Must give the KFC chicken a go, will have to remember to get some chicken when I'm shopping at the weekend. OH's birthday tomorrow, so there'll be cake and drinks, willpower will have to be great this weekend!


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Ooh, good luck! My little sister is staying over tonight and she's bought some Hershey Kisses with her... so tempting! I had one :eek: but they're only 2.5 syns so not too bad.

Haha, Korben gets treated the same. She has her own castle made out of cardboard boxes! Although she's eating a dog biscuit right now... crazy cat.

Here's the recipe for the Satay Sauce, it's 5 syns on all plans (I think!) per serving.

Satay Sauce (Serves 2):

2 level tablespoons of your favouritest peanut butter. I like crunchy!
2 level tablespoons of soy sauce.
3 or 4 level tablespoons of water.
A pinch of chilli flakes/powder if you like it spicy (it tastes just as good without).

  • Mix them all together in a small microwave proof cup until it's at a sort of hot chocolate like thickness.
  • Microwave for 40 seconds. Stir lots! If it's not thick enough, pop it back in for another 20 seconds. If it's too thick, add a little water.

It's awesome as a dipping sauce or marinade. :)

Day #6

One Alpen Light bar and a nectarine.

One piece of weetabix with milk. (HEX)

Dinner: Microwave rice (2.5 syns) with soy sauce.

Snack-a-jacks (5) and hot chocolate (2 syns).

Total syns
: 9.5


Breakfast: Void! Was running late for work :eek:

Microwave rice (2.5), onions and paprika chicken (2 syns)

Rice (1 syn), asparagus and steak with soy sauce.

Two finger Kit-kat (5.5 syns - first real chocolate in 7 days!) and one Hersheys Kiss (2.5 syns). Also should have my HEX so might have some Alpen and Milk! Wooha!

Total syns:

:) Should really have weigh in tomorrow but I'm going to leave it and try and weigh in bi-weekly! I don't want to risk seeing a loss (and celebrating with food) or seeing a gain (and drowning my sorrows with food) so I'm just not going to think about it til next week!

In other news, have finally got my wedding plans sorted. Just need to start booking things! Although it looks like we'll be changing the date to the 30th Octobet 2012, so I've got a little longer to lose the podge! Woop!


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Argh, eaten quite a bit today! Not as much as I would have done before slimming world but still... could've done better. My Mum decided to throw the last bbq of the year and I love, love, love bbq food. Darn her! Went over my syns a little but I'd had less during the week so I'll have less tomorrow and hopefully, that will make up for it.

I also decided to weigh in as I thought I might as well check. Even though I'm having a * week and feel reeeally heavy, I managed to lose 7lbs :) Pretty happy with that. Roll on next Saturday!

Day #8:

One slice of wholemeal bread, one slice of bacon and two spoonfuls of spaghetti hoops. (1 syn)

Lunch: Beef stew with lots of veg in! (2 syns)

Dinner: Where to start... three chicken thighs (skin and fat removed), sausage (1 syn), onions, roasted pepper, 2 new potatoes, salad, one lamb kofta (no idea how many syns :() and one bread roll (8 syns). LOTS.

Snacks: Glass of milk and an alpen light (HEX).

Total syns: Lots :(

In other news, did some retail therapy and got a lovely looking new jumper, some awesome slouch socks and a rather pretty new bag! Wooha!


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Day #8:

Breakfast: Alpen light (HEX) and a plum.

Lunch: BNS, carrot and leek soup with a slice of wholemeal bread and butter (1.5 syn)

Tri-colour pasta, bolognese with lots of mushrooms and cheese (HEX).

: Snack-a-jack curls (3.5 syns) and some fruit!

Total syns: 5

Just thought I'd pop in and have a nosy. It looks like you are having just one healthy extra B choice on your red days. If you are doing a red or green day you should have TWO healthy extra B choices and one or two A choices. Bonus!!

You look so focused on your goal, it's great to see. 376 days is plenty to have a fab weight loss! :)
Hi Emily, looks like you're doing great. Hope you enjoyed the bbq. I've had a disasterous weekend, had 2 slices of cake (with fresh cream) on Friday night, then on Saturday went out for dinner to a chinese and basically ate everything - starter, main, dessert AND cake, also consumed about a bottle of wine, then went out to a nightclub and had more wine! Oh well! I think we all need to have a big blowout like that every once in a while. Back on plan today, focussed and ready for a new week! WI tonight should be fun .....


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I totally agree. I don't blame you, Chinese is almost too good not to eat! Plus it was a special occasion so I wouldn't feel too bad :) It might even give your metabolism a kick. The hardest part is getting back on plan so you've already done the hard bit.

Thanks prawnchopSuey! I wasn't too sure really but I thought I'd stick to one to be on the safe side. I shall most definitely be utilizing my HEX! Congrats on your loss so far.

Today was fairly decent as far as decent days go! I had lunch at a friends and she'd got lots of delicious french cheeses and crackers in so I think I did pretty well given the circumstances. Could easily have eaten the entire table but resisted! I'm a bit worried that my portion sizes seem to be creeping up but will try to cut back over the next few days.

Day #9:

Breakfast: An alpen light (HEX) and plum.

Lunch: 3 tuc crackers, 1 tsp of butter and tiny amounts of various french cheeses! (6 syns + HEX)

Dinner: Cottage pie without the topping, cabbage, leeks and roasted BNS.

Snacks: More fruit and another alpen light (HEX).

Total syns: 6

Pretty sure I will be dreaming of cheese tonight!



Looking for Slimville!

I used to be over on the Calorie Counting forum with you but am now also a Slimming World girlie.
Totally fell right off the wagon while working away during summer. I blame it on lack of access to MiniMins obv ;).

How are things going?

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