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  1. Hi this is my first venture into weightwatchers but unfortunately not my first venture into dieting :(

    I am jumping straight into propoints and am following online and using this forum.

    I have tried Cambridge, Slimming World, Exante, Low carb and Paleo but the ultimate thing was that I was either restricting a certain food group or starving myself so I never learnt how to eat "normally" I want to eat anything I want to but in the right portion sizes and am hoping this will be how I learn!

    I started the day off with a couple of hot cross buns and a yorkie biscuit and raisin before I decided to start today :rolleyes: but even putting them into my tracker hasn't ruined the day and if I am careful for the rest of the day I will be fine or I can just use my weeklies and forget about it :D

    So my plan for the day so far is

    Breakfast - 2 hotcross buns (10) with Lurpak light spread (2) Yorkie Rasin and biscuit (7)

    Lunch - WW Chicken Soup (2) Tuna (1) WW Pitta (3) Mayo (5) and Salad (0) Orange (0) Plum (0)

    Dinner - WW Chicken Hotpot (6) Salad (0)

    Snack- WW fruit crumble biscuit (2) WW Chocolate Biscuit (2)

    Dailies 36/36
    Weeklies 4/49

    I will happily snack of fruit if I get hungry and have some low point snacks if I need them too.

    I am planning to use some WW ready meals this week as I am doing lots of extra hours at work this week and don't have a day off so haven't got a lot of time to plan and cook but will normally plan a lot of from scratch family meals once I have found my feet .

    Feel free to correct me if I make mistakes or you see any errors in my pointing :D
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  3. Considering that I didn't decide to start doing WW till after I had used 19 points :eek: I think I did pretty well yesterday!

    I have taken the kids to school, had breakfast, washed, hoovered and polished my car and hoovered all of downstairs :D

    The Plan for today is

    Breakfast - 30g Porridge oats (3) 142ml full fat milk (3) Sugar (1) Banana (0)

    Lunch - 2 Slices WW brown bread (4) 60g Light Philly with garlic and herbs (3) WW Chicken Soup (2) WW yogurt (1) Plums (0)

    Dinner - Tesco HL lasagne (9) Mixed salad (0) Pear (0)

    Dailies - 26/36
    Weeklies - 0/49 (4/49)

    Still have plenty of points to play around with if I get hungry :D
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  4. sue_eadie

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    Both days look good.
  5. TIGGER41

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    Both days looking good x

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