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3rd time lucky?!?!?!?

I am back for my 3rd and final time and am determined to get this 3 stone off and keep it off so I went to see my CDC last night as was a little bit thrown.....

She said I had to do either 4 shakes or 3 shakes and a 200kcal meal. Ive always just done 3 shakes?!?!? I am planning on doing 12 weeks and really want my 3 stone to be gone in that time. I am so worried its not going to happen if I am having a meal too.

Has anyone else lost fast on this? My first time I was 17 stone and lost 14.5lb my first week on 3 shakes and second time I was 14st 7 and lost 10lb in my first week on 3 shakes I am just worried that I am not going to have such a big lose my 1st WI on Monday. I am back to 14st 7 :(:(:(

Thanks for any help xxx
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I thought it was 4, or the 3 and a meal if you were 5'8" or above?
I'm 5'7" like you and just do the 3 packs a day.
Good luck with restart...I do a mixture of ssplus and ss..use ssplus when have a day when I feel I need it...think better than cheating.
May be ask cdc why she suggested ss plus:)
Welcome back & good luck x
Well Im quite hungry if im completly honest but trying not to think about it. Its strange though cause its not the hunger where I need to go and get a biscuit or anything it is bearable. I did a ketosick this morning and was shocked to see how purple it changed. Then to feel hungry Im baffled. Think I will do another when I get home from work to see if maybe it was just dehyration (i'd be suprised though cause I drink so much) I am so bored of drinking water and I dont want to drink the CD water flavours cause I end up addicted and not able to drink water without it.. :(

How are you getting on? I am begging for Monday to come already so I can get weighed. (how sad am I) :)


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Not doing too good today - fell off the wagon big time last night and feel really sorry for myself this morning - hungover IYKWIM !
So back to it anyway, when I can motivate myself to go get some water ...

Hope that you are ok

hey there, good luck with your CD this time. You have done great losing the weight in the past, so you can do it again. :)

4 packs or 3 packs plus a meal is SS+. obviously if you buy 4 packs a day your cost is going up too. I do SS most days and some days SS+, it seems to work for me so dont worry too much about having that meal.

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