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3rd time lucky

Well Im back, this is my 3rd attempt due to just not sticking with it the first time and falling pregnant the second time so here I am.

This is day 2 for me, so far ive had 2 shakes and im on my 4th litre of water. Im feeling dizzy and blah so ill be so glad when this day is over.

Im so looking forward to being much much lighter than i am but it seems a long way off today :confused:
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This is my 4th time , just got to keep trying i guess .... Its hard i know , 4 litre's already ... crist , think i might be on 2 Litres ... Just keep going girl , the end result will come around sooner if we pull out all the stops , failing means getting back on which we don't want . You can do this :)
thanks mrsjmc! every word is encouraging which helps greatly.

im afriad im not doing too well already, just been to bed for a couple of hours and ive woken even dizzier. along with this I just dont feel right if you know what i mean, weight watchers is sounding really good to me just now.....


Strong women stay slim
Hi Lizzie
Sometimes its best to just rest if you can , but having 3 very young children is hard . Might be good to space the water out ? 2 moring till say 2pm and from 2pm till say 8 the other 2 liters . Dizzy are you on 4 packs ? not good if you are feeling ill . Yes see how you go , if you want another diet that will work for you then you should switch , as you will become very low . How are you feeling right now ?
hI MsJMC, i phoned my CDC and she suggested having a light dinner as dizzyness is a defo no no! so i done that and have been snacking on an apple tonight, i feel much better but was still dizzy after the dinner hence the apple. dh says hes worried this is not the right way to go and im thinking the same thing but i just want fast results. CD is so very very difficult to start and im sure this is just a stumbling block but my god am i having difficulities!!
dh goes back to work on mon so im on my own sorting food for 3 little babes all day without having anything myself (which i also feel is not good for them to see mum not eating, who knows, its only for a short time after all). im just in a bit of a mess today and tonight, been looking thro all the stunning before and after photos and its egged me on to see how i feel in the morning. My friend starts weight watchers on monday so if im still not right tomorrow ill go with her on monday.

also been reading starlights diary of how shes lost an AMAZING 100lbs in 9 months with WW so im sure theres hope for me yet!

just confused as to whats best for me just now, which is nothing new. i really dont want to see this as a failed attempt tho as that just sets me back even further. off for a good nights sleep now (bar the night time feeds for my gorgeous wee man!) xx


Strong women stay slim
Hi Lizzie , you seem you are really fed up but want to do something . Might be a good idea to have a look at peoples losses on here that have done higher plans of cd , then bring the plan down , yes , go the other way ? The results are good , but only if you feel you can carry on , plus having 3 small children while doing cd is NOT easy , because they don't let you rest and your mood does drop , could end up snapping at them without thinking . I know i have been like that before on cd
Hi Lizzie,

The diziness could be not spacing the water out - I noticed that a lot with me last time and I started to feel really dizzy yesterday and OH reminded me I hadn't drunk for a couple of hours - as soon as I did, I felt better.

I'm sure a CDC will be along to correct me if necessary, but have you tried having an extra pack rather than eating normal food? Every time you eat something like an apple you are prolonging the agony as you won't go into ketosis...

Try making yourself drink a black tea with sweetener, a mug of marigold and a diet coke then if you're still feeling bad I would have an extra pack....

Just a thought...hope you're OK anyway and I'm thinking of you :)

thanks for the advice jo_star & MsJMC, im still dizzying away today so been to drs and hes recommended blood tests to see if im aneamic again (was quite bad with this 11+ weeks ago after delivering my son) and to check for diabetes. he also said it may just be a normal thing that may go away itself (when you eat the blood is taken from other parts of the body and sent to the stomach for digestion so this causes dizzyness apparently) hopefully it will clear up. anyway im joining weight watchers tonight with my friend to at least try to maintain my weight till i decide what to do in the long run. starlight has made me really think about WW, especially with my little ones who are learning from me all the time, maybe its better for them to see mummy eating healthily (dh keeps telling me this as hes not 100% convinced CD is the healthiest way to go) confusing confusing confusing!! I just need to think long and hard about what I want. xx


Strong women stay slim
Hi Lizzie
Yes the doctor has a point there .....I think ww will still be a step in the right direction . Keep us posted !!


To infinity and beyond!
Good luck at weigh in tonight.
Let us know how you are going on :)
well thats the first step taken, my start weight is 20st 10lbs so my 10% goal is 29lbs and that feels totally doable for me, roll on day 1 tomorrow, night xx
Congrats Lizzie - that's the worst bit over, isn't it?!

Best of luck to you,

Jo x


Strong women stay slim
Thinking postive is great Lizzie ... good for you .
thanks so much for the good wishes folks, its so nice to get encouragment, at home i only get it if i prompt my dh into it which isnt the same!

2nd day in and im flying! been sticking to the core plan 100% which is basically eating 3 healthy meals and snacking on fruit and veg per day. finally, i dont feel like 'cheating' this time as i know who im cheating! Im doing this for me so it matters to no one if i over eat except me, it matters to no one else if i gain or lose weight, only me and its only me who can do this. it feels like ive clicked after all this time of 'playing' at it!

good luck all, hope youre having a great day xx


Strong women stay slim
Thats really good .. saying you've clicked , and its all about mind over the matter and it will get easier for you .

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