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  1. torig

    torig Member

    Hi everybody!

    I'm so glad that I've found this website, the posts are what are keeping me sane and making me realise I'm not the only one in this boat!

    Here goes, I need to loose weight and not a little bit of weight a LOT of weight. I'm so embarrassed that I've let myself get to where I am now. My starting goal is 5 stone by September when I'm going to be 30! I'm currently on day 4 of Cambridge SS and this is the 1st time I've done it and not slipped up in the 1st few days. I feel good at the moment but I'm dreading the weekend. My first weigh in is Monday evening and I'm not weighing myself at home so I can't wait to see what I've lost. I've decided by posting on here it'll hopefully keep me on track as I've never done anything like this before.

    The only problem I have with Cambridge is I only like the chocolate tetra packs, I work from home so I love how cold they are out of the fridge. This doesn't bother me only having one thing as I don't see them as food just what I need to survive. I would like to know what are everyone else's options are and which are the nicest - I may be brave and try something new! Also has anyone froze their tetras? I'm out and about this weekend so ideally would like my shake to be cold!

    Sorry to ramble! If you've bothered to read all this thank you and good luck to everyone else!
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  3. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Hi Hun, yes really agree the posts keep me motivated! well done the diet is great and you will do it! The first week is hard but once you are in ketosis and your body adjusts you will feel a lot better honest! Good luck on your journey and good luck for your 1st weigh in on Monday! I like the chili soup, tomato soup' vanilla and chocolate shakes and the bars! I mix the mix a mousse in and have a chocolate shake for tea! Which is really nice.

    Take care Hun and good luck keep throng you can do this x
  4. vickie307

    vickie307 Member

    Hey! Well done for getting through first few days!! I'm returning to SS tomorrow after losing 3 stone on plan in 2011! The first week is the hardest and especially if you've done it before, you know what you're in for which I think makes it harder! The end result is so worth it so lets keep each other motivated :) good luck with your first weigh in tomorrow xx
  5. vickie307

    vickie307 Member

    Oh and I'm Exactly the same, the only flavour I can stomach is the chocolate tetras but I do have a choc mint sachet in the evening! They are yummy especially with some mix-a-mousse in :) x
  6. torig

    torig Member

    Thank you to you both! Feeling a bit rubbish tonight just weighed myself and my scales only show a 4lb loss! I have stuck to the diet religiously and have been drinking at least 3/4 litres of water every day. I'm hoping my scales are wrong because I know I should have lost a lot more than that :(

    But tomorrow is another day and I'll see what the official scales show. I may throw my scales out for the time being and stick to what my CC's show.

    I'll post tomorrow evening after I've been to my CC and see what she says. I may be adventurous and try some new flavours of shakes!!
  7. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Good luck Hun for your official weigh in x
  8. torig

    torig Member

    Well just been and 12.5lbs off! Feeling much happier now! Have got rid of my scales for now as well!!! 1 week down now a lot to go but less than it was a week ago!
  9. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

  10. vickie307

    vickie307 Member

    That's fantastic!!! You must be thrilled!! Well done! I tried a choc mint last night with some mix-a-mousse that was quite nice..xx
  11. As this thread bears the same heading as my name thought id post to it - hope no one minds. Have done Cambridge a few times since 2009 with great success. However never been able to maintain it. First time lost over 9 stone! Piled all but 4 back on. Found it hard to get back to. Eventually lost 6 last year then xmas break lasted 2 month!!! Piled the whole lot back on. Suprising but true.Now on day 11. Monday weigh in was motivating 13.25lb off. But its not easy this time round took a few miss attempts. I need to remember if I have one thing it leads to stuffing my face with everything! Ultimately leading to feeling physically ill and mentally ashamed. ... Finding the posts a breathe of fresh air knowing I'm not on my own!
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