3rd weigh in...790 plan


Just been for my 3rd weigh in and have lost another 4lbs:) and i am over the moon...12.5 in total! I am doing the 790 plan and i am so surprised/pleased my weight losses have been so good considering the amount you can eat on this plan...mind you it has also made me realise just how much and what bad stuff i must have been stuffing down me before!!
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Need help
Thats great news, you are doing really well. Keep it up and you will be where you want to be in no time.:)

Nick :D
Well done!! I've just finished my 3rd week on 790 too. Isn't 790 great? I've been finding that I am really really full after eating now. I wonder how I managed to eat so much before!


Thanks Nick and TM,
I love 790 too TM and i agree about feeling full its amazing and i would never have believed i would ever have felt that way after a cottage cheese salad!
You are doing fantastically too, ...this diet as great...
It sure is...You're going to be at your target in no time!


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Well done a brilliant weight loss :)


Busy busy busy!!
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790plan is a great plan as it allows some food and helps if you don't want to do SS (and skimmed milk for people who can't drink tea without milk!!)

Well done on your losses.