Want to be a yummy mummy!
Hi all.....

Had my third weigh in this morning and.......remember all that about the chicken kebab on saturday night and i also ate some chicken on monday night.........well.........

I still lost 6 lbs!!!! I am sooo chuffed - thats 20lbs in all now - I have been doing it for 3 weeks now.

So happy - I think this forum really helps aswell, you are all great and the info that is given is so helpful.

Its my birthday weekend from tomorrow so am having a break, cannot wait!

Wow stunning loss! Lucky girl to get away with the naughty night.

Forum definitely helps doesn't it. All that info, support and keeps you focused.

Hope you have another good week.

Dizzy x
Well done!!!

Enjoy your birthday and have a great time. :)
Well done Lauren!!

Have a wonderful birthday!!

Thank you both - the forum really does help!

I am not really going to beat myself up if i dont lose anything next week really - i am still going to drink loads of water this weekend and when i go out clubbing, i dont want to dehydrate. Im not going to over do it with the alcohol at all - i dont really want it to be honest.

I think i might lose a couple of pounds but not much - its still great - i am sooo pleased - i have never in my life been this weight - well obviously i was at some point but i was probably 13! Its taken me 10 years to finally shift all that extra weight.

Thank you all, i will be thinking of you when i sip that champagne!


Enjoy your birthday Chick, Its my brothers on Saturday so no doubt we will be celebrating, no alchohol for me though. lol. :mad:

Well done on your fab weight loss, you really are doing great, everytime I wanna put something in my mouth (foodwise)
I will think about how fantastic your doing, will keep me going..

Love & Birthday Hugs :D