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3RD WI!!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Vicki, you are having some results!!!! If this keeps up you will disappear in no time!!! Well done to you. Bet your clothes feel much loser already!!!
Thanks Molly!! I know i cant believe it, yes my clothes are looser especially my bras :D so im off to get some new ones tomorrow.

Ive been keeping myself so busy we have painted most of the rooms in our house and its our little girls birthday on wednesday so ive had lots to do. Im cooking everyone a chinese buffet and im really looking forward to making it although im a little sad i cant have any birthday cake but being a healthier mummy is more important.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Have a lovely time on wednesday for the party. Hope you will be able to resist all temptation!!!
Hi Vicky, you are doing amazingly well...well done.
Look forward to joining you in Jan...are you continueing over Christmas?
Thanks!! No im not going to break over christmas because by then i would have lost 2 stone or more and i really dont want to have to do the first couple of days TFR again.
Not sure what im going to tell people why i am not eating though.
Hi Vicky
Why not just tell them what you're doing. They will be able to see that it's working, and anyway you don't need anyone's approval. You know why you're doing it and how good it is so others will just have to deal with it. Be a proud LTer!
Great losses so far Vicky and have a great food-free Christmas

Vicky thats amazing!!

I'm with Jon on this, never mind what people say who gives a $%$£ what they say!!

i'm proud to tell people what i'm doing and that the results speak for themselves!!!

i had loads of doubters before and during the start of this and now they are all eating their words and now they are supportive and even there are a couple of guys who are going to start it after Christmas!!!

my advice is we have enough to worry/focus/concentrate on as it is so adding secrets to all that is one you can just get rid of!!

if they (and i mean are all the people who say its wrong got Phd's in Sceintific Nutrition Studies??? I think NOT!!!) say its wrong then just show them the success stories on here or whatabout 23lbs in 3 weeks????

"yeah but 3 weeks with out eating your bound to lose weight" they'll say, but i just say bogoff and go grow a brain

all of us on here have tried numerous diets and fads and the like as we didn't just wake up overweight one day and if, like me, you're 30something and been big since puberty then they'll know that you've being trying in the past, so now we can say that we have found the answer and look how well its going!!!!

and are all the people who say its wrong size 8 or 10, i doubt it..they just are jealous that we have the will power to do LT and they don't

right i'm calming down now....(and getting off the box of soap!!! LOL)


Jay ;)


Recovering Cookie Addict
Fantastic result!! Well done :)
Thanks jon, jay and cookeh! :):)

I know i should be able to tell people and i have told my half of the family but it will be all *****ey comments from the skinny women in my OH's family i can just hear them saying how i shouldnt weigh this much anyway and wont stick to LT.

I have just been shopping and brought food for the party and im not even tempted.:)

Good luck for tomorrow Jay!!!!


Otherwise known as Jools
You are doing so really well - good for you :D :D keep it up

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