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3st down - pics

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Inspirational Pictures' started by KBQueen, 19 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    Hopefully these pics will help motivate others to keep going on S&S. I started the diet 11 weeks ago and I have lost 3 stone. I wouldn't have been able to lose that weight if it wasn't for this diet, willpower and all the lovely people on this forum who have supported me over the last 3 months. I know I can keep going to get the last 2 stone off as long as I have all of you. Here are pics from when I started (before pic is 14st 7lbs) and pic from today (11st 9lbs).

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  3. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Wow !! Just what I need to see to keep me going x fantastic loss going to find ur diary now to subscribe x
  4. slim_and_happy

    slim_and_happy Silver Member

    Wow only just seen this! Amazing! I love love seeing your transformation. Big well done and keep it up!

    M x

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  5. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    Thank you, it's a great feeling knowing I'm over half way to my goal xx
  6. Sammy33

    Sammy33 Gold Member

    Amazing Jewel well done. To see it like that is fantastic!! Very very visible. You should be so pleased with yourself! I, for one, am very proud of you! :)
    Clap clap clap Xx
  7. SeeLuLu

    SeeLuLu Full Member

    Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!
  8. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    Thank you very much xx
  9. katikins100

    katikins100 Member

    Wow well done you-and thank u for inspiring me on a bad day x
  10. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    Thank you Kat, hope your day gets better xx
  11. harassed_mother

    harassed_mother Gold Member

    You look fab well done x
  12. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    Thank you HM x
  13. ClaireCat

    ClaireCat On a mission for boobs!

    Wow! Wow wow wow! Such a transformation! I am also so proud of you :)
  14. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    Thank you Claire xx
  15. hollycat

    hollycat To infinity and beyond!

    Very motivational..thanks for sharing :)
  16. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    Thank you xx
  17. littlesister83

    littlesister83 Full Member

    You look amazing! Well done!
  18. Soniya

    Soniya Full Member

    You look amazing. Well done :)
  19. LadySylvanas

    LadySylvanas Full Member

    Wow I've only just seen this! You look great! :heartpump: And only 2 st to goal weight :eek: exciting! Well done x
  20. Skinny girl

    Skinny girl Full Member

    Amazing thank you for sharing, you have done so well.
  21. ticktock

    ticktock Full Member

    Wow, amazing! I will look for your diary, great thinspiration for me as we are the same height and start weight! x

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