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3stone?! Is that POSSIBLE?!


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3 stone in 6 and a bit week on SW sounds like it could be difficult as that's half a stone a week but everyone loses weight at different rates but only way to find out is to jump on the wagon and see where you get to by xmas.

the one thing you can be sure of is if you join and follow the programme you'll lose something by xmas


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the people who have done the 3 stone by xmas thread started it a while ago. I would say aim for a stone and then you wont be disapointed!
Good luck! I weigh 16.10 and am 5"3 so am roughly the same amount as you and I am aiming for a stone for xmas!


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I have lost a stone and a half in 9 weeks. So I think you could lose the same before Xmas cos you are likely to have a big lose in your 1st week (although not guaranteed!)


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Don't put too much pressure on yourself, it doesn't matter how much you lose as long as it coming off. Work at about the 2lbs mark and it will stay off when you get to target, too fast and you will have problems keeping it off. Slow and steady wins the race. xxx Loobylou
I find when you have too high expectations you're always disapointed.. where as if you aim for realistic and the unexpected happens, it's a great surprise!!


Reached Target. woohoo
I always aimed for 7lb target at a time, they are easier to reach and you feel so good that it spurs you on to the next 7lbs and so on. xxx Loobylou


I ate my willpower!
Also, 1-2lbs a week is a healthy amount to lose and you will also have more chance of keeping it off (so research shows!)
Thanks. I know that 2 lbs a week is ok but I'm so impatient :( Hmmm, will need to find some motivation/reward/incentive for small loses i think! Thanks for comment. x
Thanks so much everyone. Will def join at end of this week and try really hard for 1 stone by xmas. Honestly you lot (the SW bunch) are so friendly, (Whispers "much better than the slim fast group" but ssshhhh, dont tell anyone!) Will catch up in the week hopefully. :)
I was on the three stone by Christmas thread, but stood no chance of actually doing it. So I've switched to the November thread, where you set yourself a target for the month. I find that the idea of losing 7-10 pounds this month feels much more positive, and likely, than 3 stone over 3 months.

My message; set yourself realistic, short term goals. Success breeds success. And join a monthly thread. It's certainly helping my mind set. Good luck!
Im hoping to get there !


rainbows holiday buddy :)
Yikes, you guys are crazy! I would LOVE to loose 3 stone by xmas... Currently I'm 17 stone (having lost 8lbs on SF) but thinking I might start SW this week. So, 17 stone and 5'4, is it really possible to loose 3 stone by xmas?! I exercise 3 times a week (aerobics, swimming & a long walk.)

Thoughts please?
people say it depends on your weight, but i think that's b******! i weigh, lets say, a few more stone than you and my average weekly loss is 2lbs. i stick to it 100% - i even weigh my healthy extras.

i would be realistic and aim for 1 stone - especially as you may have a few xmas parties lined up before xmas gets here! :)
Hello and welcome...

I like the other ladies agree... I want to loose so much but I aim for smaller targets and feel so good when I get to them...

I am aiming for a 13 lb loss from now till christmas which will take me up to 3 stone....

Join one of the monthly challenges they are great .... also so are us lot on here hehe good luck and what ever you reach for Christmas is a bonus isn't it!!

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