Step 1 Sole Source 4.8lbs off in the last two weeks :(

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  1. PinkPotions

    PinkPotions Full Member

    Feel absolutely gutted

    Wk 3 - 2lbs off
    Wk 4 - 2.8lbs off

    What am I doing wrong :(
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  3. Lily

    Lily Gold Member


    Nothing!! You've lost 16.6 pounds in 4 weeks! That's really good going! :clap:

    What you're seeing is entirely normal. The first week you have a largish loss, the second week is often a lot smaller (but your second week's loss was actually quite high at 4.8lbs). You don't actually know what you lost in week 3 cos you didn't weigh in (I read your other post :)) but the chances are it was only a couple of pounds - week 3 losses are notorious for being disappointingly low.

    I weigh 3 stones more than you and I'm heading for a pound loss this week, despite doing SS 100%. That's how this diet goes - all diets actually. Weight doesn't come off in even chunks. You can lost anything from nothing to 6 pounds per week without doing anything differently, promise. You will not consistently lose 4 pounds a week unless you have lots to lose - and you don't.

    It's all to do with water balance. Your body's rather surprised by how much weight it's lost in the last month so it's holding on to water to try to maintain the status quo - it likes keeping things the same. But that water weight will soon come off and the scales will drop again.

    Hang in there. You can't lose weight any faster on any other diet, promise. It will be worth the pain!
  4. PinkPotions

    PinkPotions Full Member

    Thanks lily, I guess I just needed someone in the know to tell me it'll be alright x
  5. Micky Bishop

    Micky Bishop Member

    Over a stone in four weeks sounds good to me!! Keep at it Hun will be worth it in the end. I hit my original target in November and it seems to have taken ages to loose another stone towards my next target!! I'm sure you have probably been told lots of water!! It helps me!! :)
  6. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    Very impressive - well done you - keep on going you will get there!
  7. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    You are not doing anything wrong Hun, I have lost 4 in the last two week! Keep going hun it does come off honest. And as Lily said look at what you have lost this month!

    Keep at it I am sure you will have good losses! X

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