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4 days in and struggling!!


My name is Tiffeny, I am 28 years old and I have an 8 year old who is going on 18! lol.

I got weighed properly for the first time in years last friday and I was more than a little shocked to find i am 17st 8 :sigh: I was told my target weight for my height (5ft 6) is 11 st 5 so I have more than a little weight to loose - its more than a little daunting!!

Im 4 days in now and really struggling today - I miss food! Its not that I'm hungry I just miss eating - is this normal??
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Hi Tiffeny, Firstly welcome and well done you for taking the leap into this diet. Yes its totally normal for you to miss eating, give it a few days though and you will feel better. You can always have the flapjacks too (although i personally would not reccommend them, they are inedible). Drink loads and loads of water and keep yourself busy and the next few days will fly by, before you know it youll be having your first weigh in and will feel soo great. Everyone has their good and bad days and the first week seems to be the hardest. Good luck and like i said before, drink drink drink. xxx


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Yes! I got a few flapjacks the first week to help get over missing 'chewing' on something. I was a bit sorry as they weren't pleasant! LOL! You're nearly in ketosis, if you're not already so stick at it and it'll get easier (hopefully!) soon.
To be honest i think we have all found on here all pharmacists are different with the rules, my pharmacist allowed me to have the flapjacks wk1 (regretted it) but yours may be different, just hang in there chick this feeling will soon go away. try experimenting with your shakes, heres a few ideas:
Chocolate- hot, cold/hot with spoon of coffee, cold/hot with peppermint tea
vanilla, cold/hot with coffee, sprinkle of cinamon

hang in there xxx


A little of everything!
Mine encouraged me to have a little of everything so I'd know for sure what I did/didn't like? I thought that was a great idea rather than go by everyone elses opinion- as it turned out I LOVE the soup and a LOT of LT'ers hate it!


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The first week is the toughest honest, it does get better and easier. Day 4 and 5 for me were really hard, on other diets I would have caved, but after reading the results from this board I gritted my teeth and stuck with it. Once you get on those scales on day 7 you'll see why this diet is so fantastic. Good luck :)


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Welcome Tiffeny! You've done well to get to day 4, you really have. Just get to your first weigh in and that will really spur you on. I had more to lose than you when I started this and am now over half way already. Can't believe it. The time really flies on this diet and you can get to your goal weight. Keep up the good work, keep glugging the water and you will be fine.
Its my 1st weigh in tomorrow...Im really worried that I wont have lost a single thing. The thing is my clothes are still tight so that makes me feel like I'm going nowhere...still hungry...still craving food....mouth watering just thinking about it!!:(

Will this get any better?? Im trying my best to be good but I know that in the cupboard there is a WISPA....oh god how i want it lol....makes me sound demented really but food is on my mind 24/7.

Ive read some blogs of ppl who have been on LP for so so long...you girls are AMAZING...how do you do it????:confused:


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Honey it will get better!!! You will get to your weigh in and see that you have lost weight and be spurred on all the more for next week! Ignore how your clothes are feeling..i've lost over a stone in 3 weeks and i've only just noticed a slight difference!! Try to stop thinking of yourself being on a diet..easy to say i know but if you can get into the mindset of the fact that its simply just something your doing then it will help!

Honestly chick if you have stuck to it you can't fail with this diet xx

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