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Step2 810kcal 4 days in!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by JoshP, 16 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. JoshP

    JoshP Member

    Hey everyone!

    I started the Cambridge Diet, straight in at step 2 on Monday. I was lurking and reading a few posts but thought I would get involved with a bit of discussion! A bit of background, I'm a 26 year old bloke and definitely need to lose some weight this year. I'm at work now but will update all my height/weight/target stats then I look at my sheet at home, but I need to shift around 5 stone all in all (at least!)

    My real goal with this is to "kick start" a healthier living plan, I tried Atkins before with success for a couple of weeks, but naturally piled it all back on again as soon as I stopped!

    I've found it OK so far - the shakes taste nowhere near as bad as I was expecting! I think my problem is mainly going to be solved with mind over matter, I love food that's bad for me! I'm also finding it really strange not eating - but not particularly feeling hungry? It's very odd!

    Anyway, hope to offer to support to everyone, good luck to you all and hopefully chat to you a bit on here!

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  3. leehal

    leehal Well-Known Member

    Welcome Josh, I have 5 stone to shift too. Just started week 2 and going well, missing the eating can be solved by SS+ or the introduction of bars. I did the diet around 7 years ago and SS+ all the way, in 12 weeks I lost 5.5 stone. This time I am 2 stone lighter than when I started last time, hoping for better long term results as the issue I had with my back have been lessened with a spinal fusion.

    Stick with it and drink water, lots of it!
  4. JoshP

    JoshP Member

    Great effort! Yes, I think drinking lots of water is key here. Luckily for me I drink a lot of water anyway so it's good. My general rules are that at my desk at work I should never have an empty glass, and that pee should be clear all day long! 7 days in today, not going too badly!
  5. leehal

    leehal Well-Known Member

    Glad it is going well, how are your weightloss results?

    I have changed to SS+ at the weekend, shouldn't make too much difference to my weight loss and I'm finding it much more bearable with a meal to look forward to at the end of the day.
  6. JoshP

    JoshP Member

    Yeah, I think I'd find it tough to do it without the meal at the end of the day. It's something to look forward to! Well I weighed in myself in yesterday and I've lost 8lbs over the first week. Conscious that a lot of this will be "water weight" but it all counts! Hopefully couple this diet with some more exercise and the lbs should fly off! Have a stag do in Dublin at the end of Feb though, so that'll be interesting!
  7. JoshP

    JoshP Member

    Just did a few calculations on my scales last night, so 9 days in and I've actually lost 10.2lbs! Worth noting in the 9 days I've been on 2 4 mile walks and also been to the gym a couple of times, which might have helped. So anyway - onwards and upwards!
  8. leehal

    leehal Well-Known Member

    Keep up the good work Josh, I am coming up to 14 days tomorrow, had lost 20lbs on this mornings weigh in.

    When I lose more weight I will walk more, thats about all I can do due to a back complaint.
  9. Dreamofsuccess

    Dreamofsuccess Well-Known Member

    Wow great losses for you both. Well done.x

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