4 weeks since bypass, time to say hello!


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It has indeed mate! So how are you?

Been a while since I last checked in, have alot of family hassle at the moment as my mum is in the middle of a marriage breakup and divorce is on the cards. I have been run ragged the last couple of months but funnily enough the weightloss has come to a grinding halt, 1.5kg in the last 8 weeks. Right now I am not too bothered though, I am still losing even though it is very very slowly.

The big problem I have faced is a real lack of energy, so much so I had blood tests recently and my B12 levels have crashed to 160 which is right at the very bottom end of safe. Sadly it looks like B12 booster shots for me from now on but I can't complain as I knew it was a potential issue from the start, I am just looking forward to the first course of shots so I can get my energy levels back up and start looking for a new career. :)


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Good to hear from you James, I'm sorry to hear about all the hassle in your life mate. Good luck in seaching for a new career. What do you fancy doing?


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Hi James,

Haven't posted in here before but just came across your journey and wanted to say congratulations and well done for making such a big decision and following through with your weight loss.

You're doing fantastically.
Well done.