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4 weeks to Skiathos


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Hi all - Im restarting to get back on the beach without being rolled in by Greenpeace!!

Im doing Extra-Easy!

Wednesday 4th May - EE

Bk - 28g oats (HEB) grated apple and FF plain yoghurt

Snack - Blueberries

Lunch - roast chicken slices, ham, pasta and salad ELF Mayo (1 syn)

Tea - Pasta with roasted veggies sauce

Milk in Tea (HEA)

XXXXXXXXXXXXX edited later..........

Tea - went to Pizza Express and had a Nicoise with no dressing and no dough sticks, was impressed when the waitress asked if Id like extra tuna instead!!! It was lovely, very filling and not at all dry.

Wondering about syns if anyone can help - there were about 4 anchiovies on it (well drained and not oily) and also about 8 olives (in brine, not oil) - am thinking about 3 syns???????????
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Day 2 - EE

Feel good this morning - enjoyed my food yesterday and feeling positive about today. So here goes

Bk - banana, FF natural yoghurt, frozen berries and 28g oats (delish!)

Lunch - Chicken drumsticks, hard boiled egg and salad, small amount of pasta and an activia FF yoghurt

Tea - LF Supernoodles, quorn strips and muchrooms.

Snacks - Blueberries, pear and a curly wurly (6 syns) which Im SOOOO looking forward to!:)
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Friday 6th May

Morning all - sorry for the boring same old breakfast and lunches this week but Im using up what Ive got before a big shop at the weekend!

Tea in milk (HEA)
Bk - FF yogurt, frozen berries and 28g Oats (HEB)

Snack - banana and blueberries

Lunch - Chicken & pasta salad including 10 olives in brine (1 syn ?) and 1tsp ELF Mayo (1/2syn)

Tea - Something from the chinese - am thinking a king prawn chow mein (7.5syns)
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Monday 9th May

Morning all

Having trouble with my internet access at home :cry:so not been able to nosey throughothers posts and have also not been able to update my diary....

To bring you up to speed on the weekend I saved 2 days worth of syns for a curry on saturday night where I had:-

2 poppadoms with dips (going to say 15syns to be safe)
Fish tikka - 8syns
saag baji (spinach in a spicy sauce) 6 syns????

The rest of the weeknd I ate free food and tried to haev lots of superfree.

I also went for a 60 min run on saturday morning :banana dancer:. Im doing the Manchester 10k next sunday and this was my last 'long run' in the training plan before that. Hope to get in 3 30min runs this week too.


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Monday 9th May

Green Day today

Milk in tea (HEA)
Bk - 30g Crunchy Bran (HEB), FF yogurt, berries

Lunch - LF Supernoodles and sweetcorn, a banana

Tea - Scrambled egg, beans and potatoes

Snacks - apple, banana
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Morning all,

Today Im going Extra Easy.

Milk (HEA)

Breakfast - 28g Oats (HEB) with banana

Lunch - Tesco Sushi pack (2syns), salad, Activia yogurt and apple

Tea - swordfish steak, new potatoes, green beans, roasted tomato and broccoli

Snack - pineapple, 4 chocolate fingers (6syns)

Exercise - 30min run
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Not been posting my diaries for a couple of days.......... Bad Dobby!!!!!

So today - here goes........

Having an EE day as Im going out for tea with the outlaws and dont know what I'll be having as yat.

Milk in tea - HEA

BK - Activia yoghurt and banana

Lunch - pasta, toms, cucumber, beetroot; an apple

Tea - ?????
Hi There you are doing really well keep up the good work and you will look great on the beach,

where abouts you going in Skiathos? we are going in august not been before really looking forward to it, just need to get my weight off for that beach
luv sue xxx

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