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When I went to start my CD my CDC asked me my routine I workm2 jobs one from 7.30-3.30 then another 4.30-6.30 save said I should try 4 shakes. Has any o e else been on4 shakes? And still lost? My 1st WI is tomorrow

I have been trying to cut to 3 but I'm finding it rally hard the last 2 days I have felt horable cus of it. Today I have managed 1 porridge and 2 and a half hakes, I'm better when I'm at home and not at work as I do clock watch at work and get bored! So any advise would be nice just 3 shakes doesn't seem like
Much to mez:cry:
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Good luck for your wi tomorrow... I am supposed to have 4 shakes but do tend to have 3 and sometimes add an extra one or I have 2 shakes and a bar..
If your hungry you should have the 4 you will still lose weight I think you will probably lose more if you have the amount you are supposed to.. I just find I dont have enough time for 4 sometimes.
Good luck for tomorrow x
Ok, 3 shakes is SS, 4 shakes and skimmed milk (or 3 shakes and 200 cal meal) is SS+. There's no reason why if you feel you need it you can't do something in between. I did 4 shakes and lost 5 stone. The average weight loss on SS is 1 stone per month and the average on SS+ I believe is only a couple of pounds lower. It did take me a little longer than I would have liked but everyone is different and will therefore lose at different rates.
I had to have the four shakes anyway because of my height and it was nice to be able to have the milk in my tea, I honestly don't think I would have succeeded without the extra shake or milk.
Hope that helps, best of luck with whatever you decide. xx


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If you are 5'8" or above, you must have 4 anyway, otherwise you get to chose...3 or 4 :)

The difference in weightloss is so small it's not worth being concerned about. If you prefer 4, have 4 :)