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4st gone......3 to go!!!

Hello All,

I thought I would start a diary and maybe it would help me to shift the last 4st I have to lose.

January this year I was 17st 1lb. I am DELIGHTED to say I am now 13st 4lbs. I lost a stone of that by myself just healthy eating and the other 3 on a vlcd. I've had a few weeks off it now ( I'm just healthy eating again) but I've bene itching to get back on the vlcd wagon to absolutely get this last 4st gone for good!

So, tomorrow is my day 1 and I know it's going to be tough so any support would be much appreciated! :)
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Hi Hayley...sorry for the delayed reply!! I had a bit of a bad few days so will now actually be starting back tomorrow.
A VLCD is a very low calorie diet...basically a food replacement diet. I'm doing Exante...it's a shake, a bar and a soup every day and they estimate 1st loss a month. It's REALLY hard for the first couple of days but after that it gets much easier. I've just been on it for quite a long time and have gotten a bit disheartened but I'm raring to go again from tomorrow now...I want to lose 2st in the 6 weeks before my wedding so tomorrow is my Day 1! :D

What are you doing at the moment to lose???? x
Here it is......Day 1 of the final push...FINALLY :)
I feel very much ready for it today, I know it's going to be tough a) Going through the severe hunger/headaches for 3-4 days b) avoiding all of the nice foods that my other half will no doubt still be eating and c) Not eating mouthfuls of my daughters food when I feed it to her!

I've not had anything yet but my aim is to drink 3 litres of water and just have exactly what I'm supposed to have.....a shake, a bar and a soup.

Here's to a fantastic first day back. :)
Well done on your weight loss so far x:D:D And good luck on your final push I cant wait to be in that position :D
Hi Waybuloo:wavey:
good luck with it hun, although it doesnt look like you need luck, your determination and positive attitude has got you amazing results so far, really looking forward to seeing you get to your target:)
Good Evening All,

Sorry I've not been on here for a week, I've had no internet access thanks to a silly builder damaging the line! I've been pretty poor all week too so I will say it again, I'm not going to give up and again, tomorrow is my Day 1. I'e been blundering around for the last couple of months and haven't lost anything since June really and in all honesty, I'm sick of it.

I think a lot of the reason I've had a bad week (apart from running out of vlcd packs) is because I haven't been able to come on here for support, reading you guys messages has already helped me so thank you, thank you so much.

I'm really ready to go now. Laptop back, vlcd packs in the cupboard so here's to Day 1!

Oh, and I also need to say that I'm a daily weigher :( I know, it's the wrong thing to do and I KNOW I shouldnt' do it but I find it really helps me when doing something this strict.

I feel like I've had my second wind now with this diet and I'm ready to take it on!!! (as long as you folks are here to support me!!!!:))

x x x
Good Morning :)

I'm feeling exceptionally strong about this, this morning. I don't know whether that's because I ate last night so am not hungry this morning or whether it's because I think I've finally turned a corner and am ready for my phase 2 of this journey. Either way, today is a good day :D

I just want to see that ticker start moving! When I see that and I see it moving a lot it will all seem to be worth while. I know it's not the diets fault, it's totally my fault and I can't help thinking that if I'd have just stuck to this from day 1 I could be in the 9st's now but such is life and hindsight is a very wonderful thing huh!

SO, phase 2 begins...I really hope some of you guys come back to support me on this! lol PLEASE!!!!!

For those of you who do read this, here's to a good Monday :D
Am sure you can do this x Am a daily weigher too but take my reading once a week on the Monday morning :D
Thanks KatieRose :) I need to visibly SEE my ticker move daily I think, at the moment anyway just to help me get through the first few days/weeks! I'm doing OK today..finding it a little hard just at the moment as it's a time when I've had my only solids of the day and it's left me wanting more but never mind...I'll carry on. I've come further than I have left to go and every day hopefully that'll change just a little bit more :) x

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