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4st to lose, 4 months to do it!

Hi all!

So this is my second attempt at Cambridge now! I started last week but hit a few snags, so decided to stop, and I started again today.

My weight today was 13st and 10lbs. I carry all my weight on my bottom. That sounds like an exaggeration, but its enormous! I have a fairly normal looking top half, but my thunderous thighs and bridget jones bum have finally got the better of me and I'm about to do something about it!

So, I've set myself a challenge. It is my birthday on August 10th this year. By then I would LOVE to be a size 12 on the bottom half and a size 10 on the top. I'm currently a snug 16 on the bottom and a easy fitting 14 on the top.

23 is my lucky number, which will be the age I will turn on August 10th, so I would really love to be at my goal weight by then.

Goal weight - 9st 10lbs. Its been a long time since I was in the single figures, so I would just love for it to happen again. I want to feel confident walking down the street, not ashamed. I want to enjoy clothes shopping, not dread it! Most of all I want to look in the mirror and be happy with myself!

I'm doing sole source. I have had a banana tetra and a chicken and mushroom soup so far today. My massive vice is diet coke. My cdc has told me this is a big no no because of the lactic acid...but I seriously can't help myself, I've already had a can!! Has anyone done cambridge and drunk fizzy diet drinks? I would really appreciate some advice on how much it affects weight loss. If it just makes you feel hungry more quickly, I might be able to cope with that!

Anyway! Here is to the next week and the first (hopefully bumper) weigh in!

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Ok so starting the diet on a day off appears not to be the best idea! All I can think about is foooooooood! In between thinking about food I'm going to the toilet about a hundred times an hour!

Its all for the greater good! I think I've had my fair share of cakes/biscuits over the last couple of years! Its all in my head!

Nothing shall pass my lips except cambridge and water (and sneaky diet coke....) until I'm a slim jim!


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Hello!!!! Welcome :) I always find days off work hard. When I'm busy in the office its so much easier. It's my birthday on 10th august too!!!!!!!!!! How weird haha. I'll be 21 :) so hoping to be at goal by then. Do you like coke zero? If you HAVE to drink diet pop go for that as it has no citric acid in unlike diet coke which will knock you out of ketosis. It's not recommended you drink it as it can produce hunger pangs in some people but I've had a can almost every day and I've been fine. I reckon coke zero is nicer than diet too haha.

Hope you're still doing ok today :)


Must do it this time
Hey emma,
I have a coke zero every evening after ive had my quota of water for the day and its grand.I sometimes might have two if i feel like it and it has never knocked me out of ketosis
Felix that's so weird we have the same birthday - hopefully we'll both be skinny minis by then!! hehe!!

Thanks everyone for all your support. Despite that I'm feeling a bit flat today. I've had a stinky headache all day (taking some paracetemol now I'm home from work). I've been drinking loads of water, 2L today so far. Does anyone else find they get headaches on the diet, or is it just a coincidence? I do get headaches now and again.

I had a quick pee on a stick when I got home today too. There are "traces" of ketones in my wee - which I guess is a good sign considering its only day 2. Jeees, day 2. I feel like I have such a long road ahead of me. I'm totally determined that this time will be the last time I lose weight though. :)

So anyway - this is more of a ramble to myself now. I've had two tetras today so far. It won't be long before I slurpup all the banana ones, they are really nice. I think I'm going to try the potato and leek soup now....here's a hoping its a success!
Day 3

So its not going too bad today. Am not feeling quite so hungry all the time which is nice, and I dont have a headache today! YAY!

So - as I do when I try to lose weight, I have spent today focusing mainly on the numbers. I've got 4st to lose and 4 months to do it in.

So in those 4 months there are approx 17 weeks and 119 days. That means I have to lose an equivalent of 3.3lbs a week to stay on track. I hope this is doable on cambridge, I'm certainly hoping for a bigger loss than that on my first week! Maybe that will help balance out the later weeks.

So I'm going to set myself some goals now:
1. Get to 12st
2. Get into a size 14 skirt that I've bought
3. Get to 11st
4. Be able to run 3 miles

Fingers crossed that I have the will power to stick at it!! I've got some big exams coming up at work, and usually when it comes to working I would grab a couple of big bags of maltesers and a couple of tubes of pringles then settle down for the night. Even just saying it makes me feel awful. Its so much food to eat, but I genuinely used to enjoy it. Infact, I would really struggle not to chugg the whole lot down if someone placed it infront of me right now.

Sometimes I don't even care what it is I'm eating, its just habit. Like eating in bed. I'm sure most of you will be horrified, but I love eating just before I go to sleep - biscuits, cereal, icecream...anything really. To the point where I'd eat stale bread just for the sake of it cause I had nothing else. I know I have issues with food, my main problem is that it is generally al I think about. And even now with the diet, its all I think about. Im worried that even if I get my impulses under control, I will always be thinking about food. I really hope its something that can just become natural to me.

Anyway....enough of spilling my thoughts out! Off to do some work and distract myself from the massive pile of profitorols in the fridge!
Day 4.

The sun is out!!! Its making me feel very energetic and positive! Not much more to say today - I'm still hungry....but hey ho - will keep with it!!

Off out to get some cokezero now to have in a nice cold glass with ice! mmmmmm! bliss! hehe!!

See you tomorrow!
Keep going Hun the first week is not easiest but after Day 5 things improved for me. I feel fantastic and the headaches have gone.
My skin is so much better too. It must be the water!
I drive miles for work, so I have found every loo on my route in the last week!
All the best

Good luck hon you sound sooooooo strong! (And glad you owned up about the diet coke and SO glad Felix for the tip about coke zero, you diamond!) keep at it gorgeous!!

C x

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