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4th day and finding it very hard to stick to points


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hi everyone, i started on tue and stocked my fridge and presses on monday night, i'm just finding it very hard to stick to 19 points, i find i'm eating 21 each day :( i made the soup yest and found it a help but i went to bed early so i wouldnt eat any more! im not eating the wrong foods just eating 2 much of the right foods if you know what i mean!!!

any sugestions?
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oops sorry will have to post later late for work,

Zero point soup girl!!! i have a mug every so often when im pekkish between meals


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tried killing the hunger with diet pop? i find that when i get hungry between meals, if i have a glass of pop or water it keeps me goin for an extra 30 mins. I used to eat at 9, 12 & 5 now i try and wait till 9:30/10 , 1:30/2 and 6:30/7. I find the longer i leave it the less i want to eat which = less point consumption. Best of luck and you can do it. You have done super-d-dooper so far. x


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Hi hun,

I find it really hard some days too, especially this week cos I'm saving as many points as I can for a meal out tomorrow!
Today I've been craving like mad.

I find for myself personally that I need to eat three solid meals at predictable times or my cravings go nuts all day long. Today I woke up late to get my hair cut and skipped breakfast, then came home and was 'over-hungry' which causes me to sit and mope and refuse to eat anything that is not EXACTLY what I want. So today I got back from hairdressers at 12, sat and pouted on my own in a room for an hour and a half and finally got up and made myself an omlette and low fat chips. I actually ate a kiwi while I was waiting on the chips to cook. Then I dreamt about chocolate all day. Had my dinner now so I'm quite happy.
So tomorrow I'm gonna stick to usual meal times! I snack of fruit and yoghurts...they're only a half point each!

Love Guen


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hi, thanks everyone, found last night tough too :( ate my soup yest before every meal, then last night had 2 yougharts and a bannana and a bag of walkers lights! so again 1.5lb over my daily point :( i think i'm not drinking enough water only drank 1 ltr yest how much should i drink? when i was on lipotrim i was able to drink 4 ltrs a day no prob !!!
Yes dehydration feels like hunger pangs, increase to 2 L of water at least and if you like them go nuts on the diet drinks, i have been on cheAP DIET COLA and i lost 6lbs this week.

What yoghurts are you eating? I choose the 0.5 pots that ww do.
Or eat 0 points egg white omlettes if the soup isnt floating your boat, you can add garlic pepper to it before you cook it if you dont want to use points on a filling like cheese.

Do you use milk ?
I dont like cereal so dont use it for that and changed my regular tea for pepperminy so no need for the milk. im getting my dairy for the yogurts and odd bits of cheese i eat.

If you posted a typical day of food, we could try swap for alternatives??


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The pots of Activia berry mix are only 1 point each and their on offer at Morrisons at the minute. 8 for £1.49 Plus they are biggish pots and good for you so can't be bad can it! Just thoguht I would let you know :)


Cherry tomatoes and Hartleys sugar free jellies are both zero point snacks that are quite nice to eat and won't add to your points total. Also as previously said, 2 litres of water a day is a must to keep you feeling filled up. A lot of the time for lunch I will have a ww tomato soup which is only 1 point and if you're still hungry have another tin! WW chicken curry is only 4½ points which is a good meal which I add a couple of slices of TLC garlic bread to bulk it up a bit. Hope this helps

I alwys keep a tub of pre cut veggies carrots, celery, cherry tomatos etc for a snack attack i add 30g of ww creme frais mixed with garlic or marmite for dipping and a packet of tesco healthy living melba toast all for 1.5 and keeps your jaws occupied for ages lol

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