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4th weigh in


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Veg/salad and chicken/fish with melon/strawberries thats roughly what I stuck to and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope this helps.

Low carb fruit and veg (no carrots, peas, potatoes etc)
Jo x


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Hey tom thats fantastic! As for refeed it isnt using maintenance products for the first week really, you can just use a normal Lt shake if you prefer. Maintenance products are really for those who are wanting to control their weight or only lose a little and since I assume you are coming back to us after your trip, I think the normal LT shakes would work out better. Have a look here - Refeeding after Lipotrim Total Food Replacement Without Excessive Weight Regain under the lipotrim refeeding subforum, it tells you everything you need to know.

Remember to stick to it religously as going onto refeed entails filling up your glycogen levels slowly otherwise you may have a fluid gain. But theres plenty of options in there, so good luck! Oh and no fruit, until day 4 as it is a complex carbohydrate! by day 3 you can add a 8oz potato. Hope this helps.

May I ask if your refeeding for 1 or 2 weeks?

Best of luck :D


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Nothing much to add...J-Lo has said it all...I am refeeding from August 7th and I have started to post my menus...it just helps so that the others can tell you if you have done something a bit wrong, or give some good tips.

Might be an idea to do this, so that you know you are in the right direction.

If you need any help whilst doing it, just PM me as I must admit I am struggling with the menu as I am a little nervous! Almost there, so will repost my new menus....

Good luck..


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well done on your weigh in, that's a great weight loss. Hope you sort out the holiday situation. Would you ever consider staying on LT whilst on holiday? Others have done so , I am hoping to continue next week whilst on holiday. Either way, best of luck.


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Well done and best of luck with refeed ;)


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Well done, have a great holiday, take TFR packs with you as i know when i went to refeed for a week i couldnt handle it and really wanted to just get back on the TFR, i felt like i had lost control


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Great result - well done and good luck with refeed. i'm not there myself yet so can't offer any advice I'm afraid - loads of great stuff on the refeed forum though :)
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Thanks ev1 for your help and support. I have printed off the the refeed sheet that was posted and thats a great help. Next weigh in 2moro. Once again thanks and you all keep losing.


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Fab loss! Well done you!!! But if you stuck to salad, veg and protein, then you might stay in ketosis which would make life a lot easier when you get home again. But if you are planning on drinking alcohol then you need to refeed properly and get out of ketosis first.

Enjoy the hols!

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