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4th weigh in

Hi guy's just had my 4th weigh in and lost 4lb. I no it's brilliant but i was hoping for 6lb as that would of made a 2 stone loss but hey hoy perhaps next week. Dont get me wrong i am really really pleased with what i've done so far but i'm on AAM starting tomorrow and my CDC said i might put on next week so i'm a bit fed up.
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WOW - look at how many lbs down you are already!!! I'm on my 4th week too = WI on Friday. I think when we are eating so little we do expect more but hey - that is nearly 2 stone banished forever and you have to look at it that way.
Lots of people continue to lose weight whilst on AAM week so I've read on here. You are still consuming very few calories.
My CDC told me that I would only be losing about 2lbs a week after week 2 but that wasn't so. We're all individuals and no one can predict what our WIs will be!
You are well on your way to goal so just hang in there - be proud of your achievements thus far cos they are bloody fantastic! You'll be there before you know it.
Hang in there
Well done! I know you can be be disappointed at not reaching that wee goal but that really is a brilliant loss. Just think - this day only 4 weeks ago you were 26lbs heavier! I'd be willing to bet you still lose during your AAM week too - don't you worry. :D
Thanks i no you are both totally right and i am pleased with my loss so far. I think my CDC put me on a bit of a downer with her attitude (what is wrong with these people!) This is the 2nd one i've been to see and to be honest i could do a better job myself lol lol. The greatest support that i have recieved on this diet so far are you people on this website, so a very big THANKYOU to you all. x x x


Seeking thinner peace
That's a fab loss Megmax. I also fell just short of my 2st in 4 weeks mini goal, but what the hey. It's still a great loss. 26lb gone forever.

I can't understand why your CDC says you'll put on weight on AAM. If you stick to the quantities you are sure to lose. I've had 2 AAM days a week from the begining and still managed to lose 26.5 lbs, even when I've eaten a bit more chicken/fish (not that I'm recommending this out of control behaviour).

Keep on keeping on.
Hi Megamax!

Well done on your losses so far. Brilliant! Stick with it. You have done so well. I'm sure it doesn't help when your CDC makes you feel that way, but hang on in there!
4pound is still a great loss. Ive seen people's aam loses on here and lots of them have still lost in that week so you still might lose cheer up its only one week you have to add the meal then you will be back on ss fighting fit :)

becky :)
I have always lost in AAM and occasionally quite a lot cos it can sort out any water rentention problems that I seem prone to!

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