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5 A DAY??


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S: 14st11lb C: 14st2lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st9lb(4.35%)
hey, when at my WI this morning, our leader spoke about fruit n veg..getting our 5 a day of each!!
so when I came home i decided that i'd try n have 5 portions of each today to see if there was much of a difference..( because i thought i already ate a good amount of veg..not so good with the fruit)
Anyway i started off n i had:
2 medium apples=1pt
1 medium banana=1.5pts
1 very low fat yogurt=0.5pts
tomato,onion,lettuce,cucumber,tblsp WW mayo,0.5bread roll WW 1.5,chicken breast=2.5 so far i've had 7.5pts and only have to have my dinner...which will be mostly veg, i'm having stir fry!! my problem is that i don't seem to be balancing my points and my 5 a day very well together.. I find that if i have my 5 a day of both fruit n veg that i end up with lots of pts left over..because i'm so full trying to eat all the veg?? if anybody has any tips on this i'd be thrilled! sorry about the rant, i just wanted to explain in detail so as to give you the full picture! Thanks!
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Hey hun, what you will most likely find behind the reason of fruit and veg for your WW meeting today is because on the new plan starting 7th/8th nov fruit and veg will actually be free, and you can eat as much as you like (that's what everyone who goes to meetings and have been told a little bit about the plan, is saying etc) However because they will be free, in the new plan you will be given a very small amount of points for your daily allowance and then a bigger number of points for you to use throughout the week on other things like your treats etc :)

but until then with your fruit i usually have a piece before breakfast then have my breakie an hour afterwards, then another 2hrs after before i have my lunch another two hours after than, then another before i have my dinner in the evenings etc, i use the fruit as my snacks and have them half way between meals :) i find this fills me up more, and more healthier option as i use to snack on biscuits/sweets/crisps/choco inbetween meal times lol and with veg then pile it up with your evening meal with a bit of lean meat and you will be very full see how you go with that and with extra points if you dont want to spend on the treats like choco/crisps etc then have higher values of the foods your eating, if you make a sandwich ... think about the bread you use, if it's ww at 0.5 each, try another like tesco own for 1 / 1.5 point each, use more butter on sandwich, have a higher pointed soup ... therefore your still having everything you usually have but just a higher points value of that item, say with your meat of a dinner, chicken would be low... and things like beef and steak higher, so if you want to make up the poiints have the steak instead :)

OH another thing if you have cereal, and usually use skimmed milk... use semi-skimmed .. same item but higher point values, and same with cereal either have more, or different cereal with higher values


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S: 14st11lb C: 14st2lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st9lb(4.35%)
Thanks so much smirky...that was a great help..I don't usually snack between meals therefore i'm ravenous by lunch n dinner. so i will definately be popping an apple r 2 in my bag for work tomorrow!!:D

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