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5 Ib on ?????

I havent been on for a couple of days as when I had my weekly WI on Wednesday I established that thought they had recorded it wrong last week and I had lost 6 1/2 the week before not the 5 1/2 they had said, I had put on 5 Ib this week??????

I havent done anything different this week and am quite down about it :(
My partner has said he thinks its because i have now started doing exercise every day and that its muscle, I know muxcle can weigh twice as much as fat but I am finding it hard to believe that it can make that much difference.

I still did my workout on Wednesday and yesterday was rest day so I havent let it get to me and let the diet/exercise change.

I would be grateful if anyone knows anything about muscle could please respond to this post.

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Im sorry Michele, I dont know much about muscle - I know plenty about fat though!!
I'm sorry to hear that you've gained, from your post it looks like there was a prob with the scales/recording the week before?
I know its easier said than done, but you can get through this blip, trust me, I know...................
Over the course of a fortnight I gained 12 lbs.........yes 12 !! But I was so shocked, the following week I lost 10lb !!
So there you go, you cant be as bad as me LOL!!
I'm hoping someone else can answer your specific question. Stick with it hun, chin up x
Keep making a note of your measurements - because if you are putting on muscle while losing fat you might find that you have lost an inch or two. Also if your body is recovering from exercise sometimes you can retain water (i think?). Also how close are you to your totm?

Don't give up, keep going you may see a bigger loss next time:gen126:
Thanks both.

My TOTM was due next week but I came on last night so It may well be partly that, last time I didn't put on but the time before I put 3 on.
So maybe some muscle too ........hopefully!

I do do my measurements, have since I first started on Xenical and dieting and do them every 4 weeks, they arent due again till 25th June, but flabby you're right that will help.
I did 2 workouts yesterday, did 1 then felt like doing another, so I'm not letting it get to me. THink if anything its spurring me on to lose it this week. :D
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Bouncing back
Sounds like a combination of increased exercise, hormonal issues and water retention. It happens. Keep up the good work hun and those pounds will soon drop off!
You should try Weight Watchers Cheesecake, they have lemon meringue and strawberry flavours, I tried both and they are delicious and under the 5g per 100
Thanx silence hun,

I have had cheesecake today which wasnt good, always harder at TOTM to resist.

So back on track tomorrow.
Good for you, stopping at one slice.
Onwards and downwards, I'm with ya x
I spoke with map yesterday, they said that when you begin regular exercise you may put on weight for a couple of weeks but then the losses should improve when they start again. The nurse also said I will then burn more calories than I did before for everything I do....even sitting down!!

WI tomorrow, so hopefully I have got rid of that 5Ib but from what MAP said its difficult to say.


gunna be a fatty for ever
hiya chick!! whats the number for map? x x
Hi hun,

thry dont take registration on the phone anymore apparently, however you can register on the website Page Unavailable

You will need the batch no of the side of your xenical box, when registered by phone it used to be that you got phone calls every few weeks and got stuff sent through the post....not sure now its through the website.
Fingers crossed for your weigh in tomorrow. x


gunna be a fatty for ever
Thanks choco!! i am registered but dont get no calls :eek:( Im gunna have to look into that cos i need allllllllllll the help i can get !!! Thanks again