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5 Picks.....

Ok a thinking game. i am addicted to this on facebook...too much time on my hands.

i will post one a day..or maybe 2 lol

pick 5 things to put in a trap, if someone wanted to catch you?

1. Johnny Depp
2. sparkly things
3. cup of coffee
4. cheddar cheese (but not while dieting :/)
5. my kids
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ohhh I like :D

1. My Family (OH, Mum, Dad, Sisters, Niece)
2. My Mobile Phone
3. My Laptop
4. My Purse (My life is in there lol)
5. Noel Fielding


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I wassss soo looking forward to people posting on this thread so I can read it. Come on people. :D
ooooh! ummm.....

1 = kids
2 = chicken fajitas
3 = cash.nice crispy notes please!
4 = radley handbags
5 = boots
Good thread hun!!

1) My family
2) Fish and chips! Yum!!
3) A crate of booze (to pass the time!)
4) A stack of books
5) A record player and records (I love the sound of vinyl!)

ok my 5 things:)

-my family, especially my son and my baby sister:)
-shredded chicken chilli wit all the veg and curry sauce,
-a bag of cash
-fat free cheese
all really would x
1. My OH
2. My Mobile
3. My Laptop
4. My Ipod
5. Lots of bottles of Wine
1: Lee evans (entertainment)
2: a special magical herb that made me not put on weight when I eat (im hoping they will have discovered this by the time i get in this trap)
3:loads of yummmmmmyyyyy fooodd and drink
4: family

1) My babies

2) James McAvoy

3)James McAvoy holding my books - at ther moment he'd need to be holding 'Wuthering Heights'.

4)James McAvoy holding my ipod

5) James McAvoy with my LT shakes -cus we can't do the business til I'm skinny. God I'm not desperate like! :D :D

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