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5 raisins and a lick of sponge mix

Im sure it won't do anything at all as long as you stick back on cd and don't think you've blown it and binge. I went to a christening last sunday, had a small portion of lasagne with salad, and some pavlova and still lost because i went straight back onto cd. Good luck :)


WILL be Slim!
i still forget to not lick my fingers when i'm baking/cooking...it drives me up the wall and i always mentally slap myself for it!
Its never done me any harm to the losses i have at weigh in....just wish i could get out the bloomin' habit!
know what your mean lizzMB, i still do this trick and like you it hasn't made a differenc to weigh in yet but i know it will catch up with me eventually!

why do we do it??
If it was unconcious i wouldnt worry too much but dont make a pattern of it. the raisins can knock you out of ketosis and i suppose the cake batter with sugar but you can still lose even when your not in ketosis. Be careful shelz, you will be fine


WILL be Slim!
mine is just force of habit.....i dont do it as much as i did at the beginning, but it still annoys the crap out of me!
I dont even care about the taste etc, its usually if i am reheating something in the mircrowave etc, dip in a finger and then lick! Drives me up the bloody wall!!!!!!
The funny thing is, i dont taste the food i cook anymore as a concious decision so to stay 100%....so why lick a bloomin finger!!!! GGGRRRR!
I do this too ill cook for my OH and i was cooking beans for him and got some on my finger and automatically went to lick my finger luckily i managed to think hey wait a minute you cant do that! before i did lol... Dont worry about the slip up you'l be fine if you get back on 100% :)

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