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5 stone to lose.... Will I ever make it???

You'll make it Laura:)
You're on the right way, look you went to the gym so you're trying and you'll make it ;)
Minimins is a very supportive site, so visit the several diet forums and the challanges forum as well and choose what makes more sense to yourself :)

I certainly hope so! I'm aiming to lose 9st - more or less!
I think sometimes you've got to think...I WILL get there! Breaking it down into chunks seems good too, mini-goals like I've seen on other people's sigs.

Stay focussed, and we'll all get there, whether it takes us a long time or a short time, we'll all get to where we want to be!
I've got 9st to lose also, I break it down to half stones or getting to the next number down on the scales, it was to daunting to think about 9st , I've lost 5st 6.5 so far , I'm focusing on losing 5lb to get me into the next stone down and my shiny 5 1/2 st then il focus on losin 2 1/2 to get my shiny 6

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Fluffy lil flutterby :)
You can totally do it!!

I started with 10 stone to lose- I have lost 5 stone 5lb so far, since mid April!

This site is awesome for support and guidance- just stay here and you can't go far wrong :)

Good luck!!! x
Wow guys that's inspirational to hear how much you have lost.... Your right I can do it.... Small manageable milestones..... I'm just about to head off for a walk and then may hit a gym class later.... I know I can do this xxx
Hi Laura how's ur day going? Hope u haven a good one , I go walking every day after work between 6 - 6.5 miles, four months ago the only walking I did was the couch to kitchen and bk , some days it seems a chore after a 9 1/2 hour day at work but I go and feels tons better when I've completed it, I've not got the confidence to takle the gym, x

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Bring on the weight loss!
Ive got 5 stone to lose too until I go to Thailand (honeymoon) in April 2012

Lost 1/2 stone on my first week last week so not too bad :p

Breaking it down into smaller goals definitely helps - looking at the total I have to lose always depressed me!

Work in 1/2 stone amounts and give yourself a reward for each half stone - that worked for me, I had all sorts ranging from a magazine, nail varnish, a facial all sorts, that helped keep me motivated. Also keep track of your measurements, seeing those go down is a great feeling. You can get there. Good luck x
Aww, sweetie :( I have 5st to lose as well (16st to 11st) and it seems miles away. Could you try and treat yourself in another way to refresh your perspective on your body? Get a really different hair cut or even a piercing?

I just tried my first ever Fake Bake to make myself feel different... it certainly did... :p

Sending you strong thoughts x


Fluffy lil flutterby :)
i've lost another 3 stone 4lb since I posted in here.

It CAN be done! :) you CAN do it!! :)

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