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50/50 bread is it classed as a HEX? if not what ones are?


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No its not hun I asked my consultant that one a few weeks ago it doesnt contain enough fibre to be classed as a hex. You can have 57g of any wm bread except pitta.

Enjoy your shopping.
Yous got money!!!

Isnt it cxxp when the lolly runs out, some months are toooo long
57g any wmeal
2 sl wmeal 400g slices
2 sl nimble malted
2sl kingsmill tasty 400g
3 sl ww brown danish
2 sl ww wmeal
hope that helps;)


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oh the kingsmill tasty is that the normal size loaf? thats a hex?
Its just hubs doesnt eat wholemeal and i have £30 to spend for the week and i need to be sensible!
So cant go getting me wholemeal and him white as thats like £10 lol for two loafs of bread!
yep small loaf or have whatever you can afford just dont go mad,i have 2 slices any wmeal everyday and have lost weight every week for 3 months!used to eat 6/8 slices a day.Chocs and sweets dont bother me but i couldnt live without me bread!


Slimming for my children
hahah its meant to be 16 stone lol. I actually weigh 16 stone 10 and couldnt be bothered to change it to lbs (dont know how to convert it).

Imagine if i did weigh 16 lbs pmsl!
Im about the same weight as you,was 19st 1lb start of august,16st 11lb today!cant believe finally doing it!going back to see surgeon on thursday might be having bariatric surgery,would go for a balloon or band if i have the choice,dont fancy bypass!


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my friend lives alone and doesn't eat much bread, so she wraps about 6 slices in foil to eat over 3 or 4 days and freezes the rest of the loaf. she then uses it as and when needed.


Slimming for my children
I would do that but we have a titchy freezer! Its TINY and you cant even fit a pizza in it! Which is good as i would eat them all the time.
I am not missing bread anyway so i got him the 50/50 loaf as i hate that he eats white bread so I comprimise and he doesnt realise hes eating healthier!

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