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50 lbs to go - how long?

i have 50 lbs to lose, how long will this take would you guys say? i lost 9 stone on lt last year but now i want to lose the last pesky few stone before a tummy tuck in july. i dont want to tell anyone that im on it though (dont want to jinx it, and also one particular friend doesnt approve!) any tips on avoiding telling people? thanks all!!

Will i be able to keep running? i do about 15 miles a week!
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It pretty hard to avoid telling people just dont mention it until they do ha ha ha 50lbs i would say would take you about 3 or 4 months to lose. I lost 42 in 3 months :) xx


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Averaging the stone a month it shouldn't take you longer than about 14-15 weeks.

I wouldn't avoid telling people - if they have a problem with it - it's their problem!

Good Luck x


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I would run but after the first two weeks! just to get your body used to it again!

Cant really give a time scale pet, everyone loses at different rates!

Also, my opinion is you should be open with people about being on the diet so I cant help you with that one either lol!!

Good luck chick!

Did you manage to maintain your weight loss?


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Serendipity 9 stone last year that is just stupendous. You will have the last bit off in no time. I am so inspired.

I have found that its easier to come clean and tell people and to be honest i did not get the negative reaction that i expected. If anyone is negative about anything you do then this is THEIR problem. Maybe they are just a teeny bit jealous me thinks.

Hold your head up high and walk tall you are truly inspirational.
Well I lost 9 stone overall I was nearly 23 stone in Jan last yr. I started LT in March 08 at 21st 3 and got to 13st by July 08. I managed to maintain until December hit with all the excesses that Xmas brings! Im 13st 8 now and I would like to lose 3 and a half stone realistically.

I am on day 1 and I have had 2 shakes. Its quite hard and I am finding it difficult to summon up the determination I had 1st time round. I really went back on LT cos I got afraid of how easy it was for me to get back into really bad food habits in the last few weeks. I was doing so well.

I cant stop training as im training for a relay leg of a marathon which is in 5 weeks. Any advice?

Well done to all of you, you are doing amazingly well. I came off LT after 26 weeks 1st time round as it was messing with my head, but I think im ready now... I hope I am. I really wish I could lose weight by just eating properly though!

Thanks so much to you all for your kind replies!


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Good luck with losing that last bit, and maintaining. You know your body best, so regarding the training I think the best thing would be to just do whatever feels right for you at the time.

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