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50lb lighter thanks to SW


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Congratulations and well done on your brilliant weight loss!:happy096:
congratulations :)
Oh well my initial fears came true, 7 months gone and 30lbs heavier:cry:

Only myself to blame I should know by now I cant sink as many beers and eat as much junk I did when in my early years without it piling on, damn ageing process:rant2:

So here I am again SW extra easy plan at home, still got my books and this place is more than helpfull place to visit
dont worry, youre only human, but if you lost it before you can do it again! maintaining is no doubt hard, it takes a lot of getting used to i guess. we are all here to help you x
Thanks Sammy, a couple days back in and I starting to remember just how good heathy meals can taste, love hot spicy foods and its so easy to just blitz a load of veggies into a soup and dumping a load of chillies and spices into it, or how tasty grilled skinless chicken thighs can taste with a bit of a thought
glad youre getting back into the swing of things :)
I think maint can be harder than actually losing Tony, you don't have a target as such. Good luck and I hope you can do it again mate
Thanks Jim, This was my first real weight loss "diet" as such and was surprised how rapid the lbs came off, I guess the difficult thing was to keep them off.

You've done great on the Atkins, Its been a plan that up to now I didn't give much credit to due to "bad press", but reading a few threads on the Atkins forum, yours included and seeing a few daily eating plans, it appears to be more balanced than I was first led to believe, and there seems to be a fair bit of logic behind hit, saying that right now I think ill stick with what I know has worked for me in the past for now, but will forever look at the Atkins diet in a different light
Hi Tony, yes it does get bad press, but only from those who don't study it properly. I find maint on Atkins much easier than it seems on other diets mate.

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