50lbs lost, half way mark met - ate a pizza


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What am I like??????!!! :doh:

DH started SS last week and lost 13lbs but we both had a tough week (him finding SS difficult and is now doing SS in the week and 810 at weekends) and me feeling unwell, struggling mentally coping with my 9 month old and reaching a 50lb total loss and the half way mark.

So we decided to have a treat. A bad one. And not feel guilty. We both don't feel the guilt at all and are back on board the CD train.

But why is the only treat I can get my head round a bloomin pizza?!!!
I just can't see treats in any other guise, which makes me worry when I am on maintenance.

I just can't get my head round it like a thin person's head is already pre-programmed. :cry:
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Slowly but surely x
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on maintainance, i think you will lust after all these things like we do on CD. Its just self control that is the key issue Just tell yourself once a week. Im going to do that and have a protein rich diet all week and treat myself every weekend to a meal with carbs etc.
I think when most people get to goal - thats it - they think that they can eat what they like. Only we dieters have to do what every slim person does and do it in moderation. I think its a mind thing than a hunger thing :(
BTW - you are so inspiring with your losses x


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your losses are fantastic! And you've already accomplished something: being able to snap back into CD after a wl deserved treat, instead of going completely off the rails (like I'd probably to lol)

well done :D


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Well done... having your treat (not killing your DH or self -- what a tough thing to both be doing a hardcore diet at the same time) -- and then getting back at it.

Congrats on the 50 pounds! What a milestone. YEAH YOU!

We all have our Achilles Heel... just ask Triple Whopper!



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I have a few friends who are a very healty weight and they all like pizza as much as I do, maybe I just eat too much of it.

I was talking to my (future) sister in law who was on SW is now a healthy size 10. She said she has a take away once a week. If you eat in moderation then everything will be fine.

Personally, i think you are thinking like a 'thin person' you obviously know that one treat is enough.

Dont beat yourself up... it was a well deserved treat because 50lb is a huge goal. WELL DONE YOU!!!!!!!

Love n stuff
J x
S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
50lbs is AMAZING, Well done! x