5th weigh in

Discussion in 'WW Weekly weigh ins' started by louisaL, 24 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. louisaL

    louisaL looking to make a change!

    and stayed the same :mad: not happy cause i've stayed in my points all week!

    does it matter WHAT you eat as long as you stay in your points?

    i've been to the butchers and market and made 3 different soups and have enough ingredients for 3 different stews this week :)
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  3. candyspill

    candyspill Full Member

    i think the key is to try and be fairly healthy with your points easier said than done i know because this is only my point of view if you ate high fat foods and sweets every day even staying within points im not sure if you would lose weight keep with it and you will see a loss next wk

    TRISTAR Silver Member

    at least it's not a gain. Do you vary your diet, or do you stick to the same foods? I've heard that altering what you eat can sometimes help you avoid STS. Try and go out for a power walk (or 2 this week). Not sure how much exercise you do. I think when I hit an STS week (which I'm sure I will), I'll have to give myself an exercise boost. You may even have a higher loss than normal next week. Chin up, and keep at it

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