6/12 week countdown


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The class I was attending in April last year (sounds strange saying that!) introduced the cards while I was there and the consultant told us that it was still ok to have holidays during a 6/12 week countdown, we just had to make sure she was told by the morning of the day of the class.

The class I started in December introduced the cards the same week I started. Last week I was in a queue behind someone who was told that you can't have holiday at all during a countdown or you 'lose' that week.

Does anyone know which is correct?
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As far as I know you have to book any holiday weeks at the time of purchase of you lose that week of the countdown. BUt someone should be along soon who can either confirm or correct this.


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Seems really unbfair to make you lose it doesn't it!! Will be interested to hear the outcome of this query, as I intend to buy a 12 weeker when I go to class tonight!!



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I sign people in at our group and the rule we use is that you have to book holidays at the time of purchasing the countdown. Seems a bit unfair to me as 12 weeks is a long time to plan for.

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I bought the countdown last week and my C asked me if I had any hols - only one that I know about and may not actually need to take it! My C is pretty good though and has said as long as we tell her in good time she will roll it over for the next week so we don't miss out - not sure everyone C does this though????


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I was asked this too when I bought mine. I only bought a 6 week plan so hopefully I won't need a hol in that time


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I wasn't asked this when I bought mine before Christmas. Am worried now, as occasionally we have to work late on my group day and I wouldn't be able to go...


I am one of the 63336
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Thank you all for that. Having no intention (ok, money) to holiday out of the country for ages yet I can always just keep an eye on where classes are in other parts of the country

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Your countdown only counts at your home class I believe - you will have to pay as normal if you visit another class when away from home though possibly this will be different witht he 'electronic' membership.


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oh no- Im hoping to buy a 12 week countdown tomorrow but as a student its my last week in my group at home - will I be able to use it in my term time group?