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600 cal meals - Is there a fat gram limit?

Hi all

I was going to post this in an existing thread, but couldn't see one which was relevant..

It's my 2nd day on SF, and all good so far. I'm abit confused about allowances though..

I realise we're allowed up to 3 100cal snacks (I personally have been having 2 and a cup of tea with sugar) and a 600cal meal. Is there a limit of fat grammage though?

I read somewhere that snacks should be no more than 4g in fat and meals no more than 20g, although I cant remember where I read it - is this true?

It does kinda make sense, as some 600cal meals are still high in fat. I was looking at having a shepherds pie with veg for tonights meal, but the one I picked up had 30g fat but under 600cals, so I changed my mind.

Am I right in thinking I need to keep my eye on fat content too, or am I over complicating it? As a newbie I'd appreciate any advice from all you pros :D:D:)
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Just had a look at the recipes on the slimfast site and their lasagne has 31g of fat per portion so I would think the shepards pie you were looking at would be fine.
Calorie count says my daily target for fat is 40g, so as long as your snacks were low fat for that day you should still be under 40g just.
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Well the GDA's (guideline daily amount) for a woman not dieting is

2,000 calories, 90g Sugar, 70g fat, 20g sat fat and 6g of salt.

Myfitnesspal.com gives me a daily limit of

1,720 calories, 34g sugar, 57g fat, 19g sat fat and 6g of salt.

So maybe you could try an online calorie counter and see what it suggests for you :)


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i just try to keep the fat allowance as low as possible but i always have tried to keep my fat as low as i can

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