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6lb to go....but pregnant!

The title says it all really.

I've been on Cambridge since June, following a mix of SS+, 810 and 1000kcal plans. I'm 6 lb away from my target of 10 stone and have just found out I'm about 5 weeks pregnant. We've been trying for over a year so I took a test as soon as I was late. Needless to say I am absolutely thrilled!

Anyway, now what to I do? I am so happy to finally be pregnant but am having a mental battle about those last 6 lb. As soon as I start eating 3 meals a day I'll gain. 2 more weeks and I can hit the 10st target.

I'm not being selfish and putting my weight ahead of my baby's health, I genuinely feel terrified about eating 'properly'. I feel a bit sick and 'naughty' at the thought of real food even though I've consistently cheated these past few months. I only found out I was pregnant yesterday afternoon and all I've eaten since are 2 CD shakes.

I am so so so happy, and so so so scared at the same time.

My next weigh in is Wednesday and I promised my CDC 3 lb this week!
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Aww wow I bet you are so happy after trying for a year :)

I know what you mean about those last 6lb's - so close! But you have done so well so far anyway!

There is a forum on here called 'Pregnancy without the pounds' which might be helpful for you.

Sorry I can't really give much advice because I've only been on CD for 2 weeks and I've never been pregnant but I just wanted to say congrats & well done on getting so far with CD :)


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Hi hunni

I was on lipotrim and fell with my baby!

It's so so important you start eating chick, you can loose weight next year... You've obviously wanted this beautiful baby for a while and you've been given the most wonderful present!

Forget CD for a while, join slimming world!

They have a pregnancy plan and you will still loose/maintain!

You know what to do chick follow your heart xxxx
Hi. Congrats on the good news but as far as I understand it you have to come off CD ASAP as your body has totally different nutritional needs now. Ring your CDC today so she can advise you on stepping up and maybe join ww to help with maintaining through the pregnancy. And well done on getting to goal :)
I'd suggest switching to normal food now, but try to find out how much you should be eating for health in pregnancy without excessive weight gain. Neither attempt to lose fat, nor throw all caution out of the window and eat loads of junk.

Restricted food intake in pregnancy has been associated with eclampsia in some studies.
I agree - think of your baby now - you will have plenty of time to lose the weight and its not worth the risk.. You may find you lose it through sickness etc in the beginning anyway (I lost a stone in my first 12 weeks through sickness) but just enjoy being pregnant and be sensible and you'll be fine xxx


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Id get yourself on 1500 cals a day with one CD pack... you can still lose/maintain on this and remember...the packs a choc full of vitamins and minerals. just remember your folic acid and milk xx
Congratulations! :D

But come off Cambridge now. Today. Any weight you regain in the next couple of days is water weight only - and in fact, will just put you back to the weight you really are, if that makes sense. The other thing is that in early pregnancy, some folks think that the concentrated nutrients in the Cambridge shakes might be a much for your itsy witsy baby. It's really not worth the risk and heartache for the sake of a few pounds, darling. If you're scared about not having a 'plan' to follow, as Lauren says, SW do a really good pregnancy plan diet.

6 pounds is nothing. You've basically got to goal before getting pregnant - how fantastic is that? You should be sooo proud of yourself! :0clapper:
Thanks everyone. You're right I know and I will start eating. Hubby is selecting me a 'proper' soup for lunch in Sainsbury's as I type!
I definitely think I will take a look at WW or SW. I know I have a tendency to binge and a weekly weigh in will keep me on track. Will definitely take a look on the pregnancy without the pounds board.
I don't think I'll be hoping for sickness as a means to weight loss (!) but if I'm getting annoyed with nausea and sickness I'll keep that in mind as the positive side effect lol.
Wow, big changes coming, my head is spinning! I shouldn't be shocked, we've been trying for a year, but I guess a year of disappointments does make it a very happy surprise.
oh gosh no I wouldn't wish the sickness on anyone - I didn't have any with my first but was awful with my second. fingers crossed you don't get sick xx

Heres to a happy healthy pregnancy :) x
Congratulations! You must be delighted.

I did WW before and lost 3 stone then I got pregnant. After I had my daughter I lost the baby weight fairly fast without trying.
I did however put it all back on and more since due to eating rubbish. But let's not talk about that!!


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Congratulations on your good news:flowers:

I found this post which details the guidelines laid out by Cambridge. I hope this helps.


Guidelines posted by Kerensa:

Hello all, sorry its taken a while but the official word is.........

If you have a client that becomes pregnant, the client may wish to continue on the diet as they have become established and enjoy the programme. At this stage you will need to explain to your client that she is now 'two' and that the programme is now unsuitable, as as per CHWP's medical guidelines, pregnancy is contraindicated. However, if your client wishes to take 1 product per day as a nutritional aid then this would be suitable....however, you need to follow the guidelines below: -

1. A new MRF will need to be signed by a Dr with "1 cambridge product a day for nutrition' written clearly across it. If the Dr does not sign the MRF, no product can be supplied.

2. Only supply the client with 7 products for the week (totalling 1 per day) and see the client weekly. We do not want the client to do sole source and there would be a risk of this happening if more product was supplied.

3. After they have had their baby, please remember that lactating women are also contraindicated and so should not use any programmes until the baby has its source of nutrition via other means. We would also recommend that a higher programme is used when appropriate to allow the client to settle into motherhood, ie Sole Source and new baby = very hard work!!

If the client wishes to have 3 products a day, you will need to advise her that we deem this unsuitable and that you are only able to supply her with enough product for one a day on a weekly basis, and only if the GP is in agreement.

"During pregnancy and lactation, the body requirements for protein, minerals and vitamins is increased. Moreover, any interference with the normal way of life is considered undesirable. Dieting during pregnancy is therefore contraindicated. The Cambridge diet can, however, be used as a nutritional supplement"

I hope this is clear. If you have any questions, please let me know.
PR Executive - Cambridge
Oh wow, congratulations!!!

Sod the last 6lbs you have different priorities now. Concentrate on baking a healthy baby and once it's here you can go back to your weight loss. You've done it once and when baby is here you will be able to get down to goal.

Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy. xxx


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Congratulations, l'm so pleased for you. :)

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