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Extra Easy 7 1/4 lb gone yippee

Well done! Fabulous loss! :clap: x
Brilliant, well done :D


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well done:D


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:happy096: WELL DONE! FAB LOSS!! :clap:


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Well done Hun that's an amazing loss :) I've just started EE on Sunday and so far I've lost 4pounds hoping for more to come! I'm struggling to use my syns tho!


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make sure you use your syns though as otherwise weight loss could slow down ive been reliably informed. I just have a small stick of asda own twix bar just to use some, and i feel really naughty too lol x
Does anyone else use their syns only for chocolate? Is this recommended?
I normally make all my meals and snacks out of free foods and HE's. I've normally got most, if not all of my daily syns left over and don't always use them. I would like to have say, a 9 syn tolblerone everyday, but i've never wanted to test the theory incase i gained.

Lost 12lbs from 19.10.10 up until Christmas
4.1.11 +2lbs
11.1.11 -2lbs
18.1.11 -1lb
25.1.11 STS
1.2.11 -3lbs
8.2.11 -2.5lbs
22.2.11 -2.5lbs
1.3.11 -3.5lbs
8.3.11 -0.5lbs
22.3.11 -2lbs
29.3.11 -2lbs
7.3.11 -2lbs
14.4.11 +1.5lbs
My syns are rarely used for anything but chocolate & wine. 10 syns of chocolate has the same no of calories as 10 syns of something more healthy so it shouldn't affect weight loss. In fact - someone told me dark chocolate was a speed food as group the other day


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I have to say i only use my syns on junk if i REALLY fancy something. Usually my syns go on gravy &/or dressings for salad etc. But if i wanted something chocolatey every day & i had the syns left over i wouldn't deny myself - that kind of negates the point of having syns in the first place. xxx

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