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7 day menu in magazine

Does anyone ever follow these? I tried to this week but have only stuck to the lunches and dinners (and some breakfasts). I just find it sooooooo much food and too much preparation - I don't have time to cook up some batchelor's rice just for a snack!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not eating enough as I don't really have snacks but then I think surely I am eating enough - I can't be one of those lucky ones that doesn't eat enough and is told to eat more!
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Must try harder...
I haven't followed one but was thinking of trying to follow this month's. I thought the same thing as you though - I can't even eat a full pouch of that rice for a main meal never mind a snack, it left me wondering whether I eat enough but if you're full up you're full up aren't you?! And I haven't got alot to lose so if I eat more calories surely it wouldn't work... ? Will be interesting to see what everyone else thinks....
i cant follow them as im at work 5 days a week and have either jacket potato or salad with meat on for lunch but i do use them as inspiration for dinners. i have been trying to plan a bit mre but thats sorta went out the window :S lol
Well one downfall - I'm making the monkfish stew tonight (never had monkfish!) and I bought less than what the recipe called for but the monkfish alone was £10(!!!!) for 1lb worth.


soon to be skinny minnie
I have never followed the 7 day plan. This is only because i find that it is a lot of preperation that i don't have time for. I don't like a lot of the meals and i don't like quorn and they seem to use it a lot for green days. I usually try and cook meals that we all like and i don't think the kids would eat most of the stuff. I also find that sometimes they have about 3 or 4 different cereals, i have never been in the habit of buying lots of different boxes of cereal, i always have porridge in the house and usually weetabix or bran flakes. I think it is really handy though if you like all the meals and want to give the plan a try before you commit to joining.


Over half way to target
Oooh Stacey I had the monkfish stew last weekend and it was beautiful (but expensive!). I made it for 4 like the recipe (my monkfish was £17!!) but altered it a little. Instead of using a chopped up tomato and some stock, I used 2 tins chopped tomatoes instead as I didn't want it to be too thin and it worked fine. Trouble is I like it so much I want to keep making it but its too expensive. Maybe a different fish...?
I love my oats so simple in the morning so I tend to have that rather than the breakfasts they suggest. I also try and vary my HEX's like they do as I know that's partly the success of the weight loss.

Melanie - looking forward to trying the stew! Have already bought the tomatoes but will keep in mind about the tins next time. Maybe cod would be suitable replacement? I guess if you divide the amount the recipe costs by 4 than it's not so bad... probably £5. I rationalise that it's ok once in awhile as we usually have pasta & sauce at a whopping £1 each once a week!
Gurnard is a cheaper and just as nice an alternative to monkfish its got the same meaty texture, though you may have to ask your fishmonger to get it in for you


Over half way to target
Never heard of Gurnard. I get my fish from a wholesaler who opens to the public on a Saturday but at w/sale prices. I may ask him when I next go. I also buy my kitten's fish here - he does a fish pie mix - white fish, salmon, prawns etc - that you can buy by the handful and she loves it the spoilt little madam!

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