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7 days along and i now feel like cracking :0(

hey hun......you know your smelly breath? Thats a sign of your fat being eaten away :D

Just think that all your fat is going and next week you will be even smaller!

Keep strong.....stay here on Minimins and don't even go near the kitchen unless its for a shake or for water!


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LTHIC I feel like that tonight, not hiungry but cant stop thinking about food!!! Normally I guess I would probably have a big binge...love it and then feel awful afterwards!!! Not tonight though.... I can do this so can you...t just stay focused think of the reasons why you are doing this, go and get a HUGE glass of water, have a bath, read a book, all, else fails go to bed! Looks like you've had a good loss already...keep at it...YOU CAN DO THIS!!! WE CAN DO THIS:copon: good luck xxx


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Sunday nights are killers- stay strong!
I know the feeling!! I have been on it 9 days now and have been really really hungry all day. Try really hard to visualize yourself slim and healthy, its so difficult but it will be worth it.

cawisu xx

PS my chemist said last WI that i shouldnt be hungry but i have found as the week has gone on i am more so??
Its just that i went around my friends house tonight, he walked me home(as men should lol) and i walked passed the kebab shop,usually we'll go in there and grab something, i was so temped, instead i smoked 4 fags hahahaha. I'm just so hungry, my mouth is all dry, i can taste this awful taste in my mouth...never had this before,does anyone know why it tastes so awful and what it is or what causes it? :0(. I'm finding it so hard, i feel so hungry it sounds like rattle snakes are coming up my kneck if that makes sense :0(.x
I have the same scales as they have at the chemist hehe so i've been weighing myself everyday(i shouldn't but i do lol), i've lost 13 lb so far, i go for my next lot of shakes tomorrow, its the yukky mouth i'm not enjoying :0(.x
ketosis causes the smelly breath and bad taste - a beautiful side effect of LT! Well done for walking past the kebab shop thought....give yourself a pat on the back :)
I must look up on this ketosis because to be honest i don't even know what it means, the lady at my chemist didn't know either :eek:s.x
seriously - the chemist should know!

My advice is visit the the lipotrim web page www.lipotrim.co.uk and watch the video on there it will explain the whole process :)


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Ketosis is a process in which your body converts fats into energy. During the conversion, ketones are produced as a by-product. Ketones can give your breath a sweet, fruity smell that may be mistaken for alcohol.
Ketosis - Overview - Definition

Recently, diets that recommend you eat lots of protein and very little carbohydrate have become popular. These high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets, known as ketogenic diets, are intended to work by forcing your body to begin ketosis to burn fats and create quick weight loss. Because long periods of ketosis can be dangerous to your kidneys and liver, ketogenic diets are never recommended by health professionals for more than short-term use, typically no longer than 14 days.

what do i do after the 14 days???. do i eat food to get out of ketosis?.x


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Because the sachets contain the all essential nutrients etc your body needs you can continue ketosis with no ill-effects best to go on the lipotrim forum and have a look, that link I sent was just an easy explanantion of ketosis, hope that helps x
oh ok phew, i was gonna say.....the last thing i need is for my kidneys and my liver to be damaged lol. i'm gonna stick at this, just had my final shake and the final pint of water woooohooooo.x


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fantastic...well done!!
Well done for getting this far. You have done really well, When you have your weigh in your see the results and give yourself a pat on the back for all the great effort you made.
Keep going and well done on having that last shake.


It really does work! :)
Hey, you're doing great.....don't go looking for excuses to stop, or we'll all come round and sort you out! ;) :p

Slightly worrying the supplying chemist didn't know what ketosis was though!

In regards to the breath....I just use mouthwash regularly....plus, I like my black coffee strong, normally 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of coffee, so not much else to taste after that! lol

Good luck with the weigh-in.


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Hey hunni, u have come so far already seems silly to make a cheese butty an waste it all!!

keep going your doing fab, best of luck with your weigh in let us know how u get on!!


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