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Attack 7 days on attack and only lost 2 pounds. Is it possible??

7 days? you don't have that much to lose to begin with!
Were you on a diet before starting DD?
In any case, continue into cruise and try not to worry that much.. I know it is a bit difficult when it doesn't pay off, but it sure will!
Good luck:)
Thank you for your answer!
I lost 20kgs on weight watchers and have been trying to loose the last 5 kgs for the past TWO YEARS!
This time it has to work! But you are right, I will try not to worry much.
Could I ask where you got the figure of 5kgs left to lose from? For instance, is it based on a weight a GP has told you to reach, or is it based on a target weight you simply want to get to?

I ask because it may be that your body is already at its natural true weight - i.e. the weight which it can maintain easily and is healthy at. I don't know your circumstances obviously, but if I were you I'd at least consider the option that your body is already at the weight it is most comfortable with.
You haven't put your height in Alessandra so it's hard to see whether you actually have weight to lose... and also just wondering whether you had posted what you had been eating daily in the menus? You may have been eating some tolerated items or something without knowing it! Might be an idea x
Can I ask - what is your current bmi?
If you are not sure, you can find out by filling in your height in your user stats - it would help us find the right answer to your question.
I am 1.63m and weigh 62.5 at the moment.
I am at a healthy Bmi but I feel heavy.
If your BMI is healthy, then 2 lb for a week of diet is a great start (I lost 1.7 kilos in my first week and had 10 kilos or so to lose altogether).

TBH, Dukan isn't really meant for those starting with a healthy BMI - be very careful that you follow all 4 phases in order to keep the weight off in future because although Dukan gives fast-ish results, they are only maintable by completing the plan.

Good luck.
Have you lost 10kg?

I plan to follow the diet to the end.
Alessandra, you're only 5'3 and at 10stone you are at the higher end of the 'healthy' range, I'm 5'5 and started at 145 so was more or less the same and totally understand that you want to lose weight! I still think you could have done more than 2lbs in the attack phase and wonder whether you were taking your oatbran and drinking enough water as well as sticking to 'lean' meats and weren't overdoing it on dairy... If you think you stuck 100% to the rules in the book then perhaps there is some other reason but if you continue into the cruise phase and stick to it you will still continue to lose weight x Best of luck with it!
Stepmum, It means a lot to have someone in the same situation and who understands why I want to loose weight. Most people just say I'm crazy and foolish. All my life I've been a little chubby and im sick and tired of it. I just want to be skinny.
I am a perfectionist, just can't do anything half way.The problem is, it just seems diets are not working for me. Anything I tried got me lower than 61kgs.
I honestly think I followed the diet 99%. My only "mistake" was cycling instead of walking some of the days. However, what do you mean by "overdo on dairy"?I thought dairy was totally free??
I think some people tolerate dairy, as in lose less when they take too much dairy...so if you were having a lot of cottage cheese for example... I know I had that problem, I was also stalling because I had been eating Toffee Muller Lights which are tolerated items too, I thought they were okay because some people eat them but no!
I totally understand the weight thing Alessandra, being at the top of the healthy weight range might still be enough to make you look and feel fat, it certainly was for me! If you were in the mid-range, BMI 21 for example I'd say 'relax, you're not overweight' etc but it's all relative really. If you're not where you want to be weight-wise and you're unhappy then losing a BMI point or two is fine *as long as you don't take it too far* x
I had cottage cheese on the first 3 days and then realised it wasn't totally fat free ( it was b good to yourself which is less tan 3% I think) so I stopped immediately. Ive been having a lot of ff Greek and ww yogurt. Is that alright?

My diet was already very healthy. Do you think that is it?
total dairy per day shouldn't pass 1 kg, but it is really hard to eat more than that.. But I still think your loss in attack is not bad at all:)
maybe increasing the protein and reducing dairy wil help..
good luck!
I did lose 10 kilos - my weight hovers around the same weight (slightly more after summer holidays but I know how to sort that out and am doing so).

Top tip is to buy fat-free natural yogurt (or make your own) and sweeten it yourself rather than have the WW, Muller ones (which may have hidden sugar).

As your BMI is good, weight loss will be slower (it took me 3 months to lose 10 kilos) but if you stick to it, this does work.

Forgot to add, my diet was mainly healthy (home-cooked, practically no takeaways) but just too much of it (and too many white carbs which I rarely have now).
Sorry this is a bit late:

The weight loss in attack is mostly water; in attack the body is forced to use up its store of glycogen in the muscles and liver, which is the first place it normally turns to for energy in the absence of carbs. Glycogen is closely combined with water, so as the glycogen is used up, the water is liberated.

Once the glycogen is gone, the attack phase is over, and in cruise the body is forced to use stored fat to create energy - hence the second, slower but more permanent weight loss in cruise.

BUT - if your BMI is already very low you won't have as much retained water as someone with a very high BMI; big sponges hold more water than smaller sponges.

So, someone with your BMI simply won't see the huge losses in attack that others may see, and there is no point is extending attack beyond three days - the sponge is dry, and it's time to go on to cruise and start burning fat.
I'd eat more red meat *if you're a meat-eater*, a few people here, myself included show greater losses eating red meat...I'm not entirely sure why! Get more water into you and don't cheat even a tiny bit, even if I have a teeny cheat it sets me back by two days!

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