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7 Ways To Get Your Waist Back


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1) Posture..poor posture can give you a pot belly. Standing properly is especially effective for drawing in the waist ti give you more of an hour glass shape. Many women swear by the Alexander technique, for better posture. Pilates is great for the core muscles around the stomach. Fold your arms in front, level with the chest, like a Russian dancer, then twist slowly to either side, keeping your core waist muscles engaged.

2)Stress can encourage the body to store excess fat around the middle. Allow yourself a relaxation period every week, a facial, or an hour of me time.

3) Eat fat free yoghurt. A study put people on a slimming diet including 3 servings of fat free yoghurt, and found these people lost 22% more weight and 61% more body fat than people on a diet without yoghurt. The yoghurt eaters also lost 81% more fat from around their middles than non yoghurt eaters.

4) Snack on celery. Almost calorie free at just 3 calories a stick and full of fibre to help your digestion along. Celery contains natural diuretic properties, so will help you stop holding onto water, which can accumulate around the waist.

5) Add some spice! Adding a pinch of chilli to your meals could help. A study has shown that people who had half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper increases the calorie burn after a meal. It also decreases the appetite for sweet, salty and fatty foods.

6) Your intestine is home to friendly and unfriendly bacteria. The unfriendly type can cause bloating, try adding a daily probiotic, either through actimel or a supplement.

7) Get your sit ups right. Doing sit ups by over arching your back can actually make your tummy look round. To prevent this keep your feet off the ground, which also makes the exercise tougher. Add in olbique (twisting) crunches to work the muscles at the sides of the waist too.
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Thanks Bunny. I'm sure stress is a major factor for me, but I'm working on it.

Celery & yoghurt are already in my diet so I think posture is next on my list!
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Going to eat more celery. I do actually like it.



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great post xx

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