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7 Week Itch!


Fat Fighter!!!!
:cry: Since my other half annoying me on Mothers Day I have eaten. Not huge amounts but even so - I feel soooo guilty I have cheated. :cry: I need to get back on the shakes - I just know how hard it is to do that. There was no way I was gonna weigh in today so cancelled. Haven't even weighed in at home. Guessing 3lb on this week! :sigh: I took my Mum for a Mothers Day Lunch on Monday after feeling so low from the day before. I ate a salmon fillet, green beans, brocoli and salad. Tuesday I was back on the shakes ate nothing all day. Wednesday I ate chocolate for the first time in over 40 days OMG! And last night I was desperate for junk food - infact I was desperate for everything, bread, cheese, chocolate, ARGHHHHH! I had some chicken breast and mushrooms from my other halfs plate! God I'm having a bad week :mad:
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ahhhh!! what are you playing at Mrs?!!!

This is the type of behaviour that we need to learn to get away from. When things get tough most of us turnt to food - well not anymore!!!
Dont you dare eat another thing else your wrists will well and truely be slapped! hehe

Look, you know you can do this diet you have done it and you will carry on with it. Ok you have had a blip but move on from it.
Count it as a learning curve for next time something gets you wound up. Learn to realise that you dont need food for emotional reasons.

Good luck chick .... chin up and smile :) xxx
Sorry you are emotionally resorting to food, I know how all us women do it. But now you have had your confession, time to well and truly move on. Do you really want to get slim...YES ???? Then just DO IT. It really does not come off faster than with LT. Food is not an option at the moment but it will all be there at the end. Hopefully by the time you reach your goal, all the carbs and sugary foods will not be as tempting as your body will be desiring all the healthy foods instead. I'm positive you can do it, now you really must believe in yourself.


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Just remember these words - Eating's Cheating :)
Hope you are ok chickadee!


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Hun! Simple questions.....how do you feel when you have eaten? Is eating making you happier? Is it solving your problems? Is eating adding to your problems? Is eating resulting in you being unhappy?

Well if answer these honestly then you KNOW what you HAVE to do! Get get your butt back on track now!


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Sorry to hear you've had a bad week for eating. Tomorrow is a new day though.

Take care

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