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76 tomorrow!

Hi y'all. Anyone who's my age-ish like to give me look? I feel we have a different look on life as more often than not we've been there, done that and got the T shirt!!
Not that I don't appreciate anyone's comments, at the end of the day it's all good.
Perhaps under the circumstances, I just want to have a bit of nostalgic chat.:sigh:
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Is so doing it this time
:553: Hiya Emmaline :birthday: I hope you have a fantastic birthday with loads of lovely :bday: presents. Are you going out anywhere or doing anything special. I hope the weather stays nice for you. We've have nothing but drizzle here for the last few days. I'm sorry I cant help with the nostalgic chat (I'm 42) but I can chat!! Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow lots of love xx :bunnydance: :bunnydance: :bunnydance:
Thanks again Piglet.
You seem to be on the same wave lenght as me. I have to restrain myself from writing on & on & on!!
Won't be going anywere at all tomorrow.
Usually get 3 cards 2 are from people I used to know when I went linedancing and the other from one of my sisters. My other sister and my brother never bother to send me one even though I always send them one on their birthdays.Keep saying I'm not going to bother next time but then I always do.
Ah well, worse things at sea! as my mother always used to say.


Is so doing it this time
Emmaline how awful.... but to be honest your mother was prob right! ;) But to be honest I would prob still send cards if it were me, then at least your conscience is clear. I have a nothing day ahead of me tomorrow so if you were closer I would take you out tomorrow! It would be lovely :)

Sometimes I get feed up of being the one keeping in touch with people.... after a while you realise that its always you phoning or texting. Many people will come and go in someones lifetime, there will be many many acquaintances but very very few friends. This for me is so true, and is what I could relate to in your poem although I cant remember (without looking) which one.

So how far is Norwich from Brighton!?!? ;) xx
Thanks Piglet

Just going to say how nice it is to know you were looking for me.
I have just spent at least twenty minutes typing out a very interesting post to you only to find that when I clicked "Submit" it came up I'm not logged in!!!
Too exasperated at the mo to do too much so will get back to you later.:):confused::D


Is so doing it this time
Ahhhh Emmaline! I so know that feeling :mad: its happened to me many a time. Anyway what have you been up to today...... and I do hope you have a nice dinner planned :) xx
Hi Piglet,
Am over my hissy fit now thankgoodness. It's SO annoying when that happens.
Well, my TV went wrong yesterday and I had phoned my brother for help but couldn't get it sorted. However, he phoned me today to see how it was and then came round to try to sort it but apperantly it was kaput. So we went to Morrisons and I bought another one and he fitted it up etc. for me. - and no. he didn't buy it for me. lol. Altho' it's nice to have a TV to watch I can't get my progs that I recorded and can't fathom out how to record on this one!!
Apart from that I've just had quite a long forty winks and am about to have another portion of my spaghetti meal I made yesterday.
Hope you are keeping well.
What have you been doing today? I hope you didn't get too bored.:)


Is so doing it this time
Hiya Em! A new TV!! I love it when things break so you can get new ones! I'm waiting for my fridge and freezer to die so I can get a nice new American style one, all shiny and new!! Hopefully it wont read my mind and die cos I have school fees to pay next week!!!

Anyway at least he helped you ;) is there anyone else around that could? And is there any chance you could catch up on your programmes with I Player or what ever its called on the PC.

Today... humm... should have been sewing on labels but just couldn't face it. and didn't go any where cos it hasn't stopped raining! And the children have been glued to the TV all day... prob cos I don't normally allow it. Usually I'm on at them to practise their music, and my boy has to prep for exams soon so I've been trying to get him to do past papers. It's all rather exhausting! But today I gave them a break.

So what diet are you following, is it the point system WW? I used to do WW but I'm now a SW girl. You should read my post on the SW thread called "Converted from WW to Slimming World" it's on page 2 it say it all really!! xx
Hi Piglet. Your day certainly brought back a lot off memories for me.
Thankfully my two girls were really good and I didn't have to get on to them hardly at all but my boy was a little terror! These days he would have been diagnosed as H.A.D. and dyslexic.
I must admit that I am very glad that all my children have been very forgiving as I was such a hard mother and could have been charged with physical abuse if it were these days. I'm afraid the saying "spare the rod and spoil the child" I tended to take literally. In later years I apologised with many tears to each one of them.
The diet I am on is the old WW where I weigh most things and have portions such as 1oz cheese which I am allowed 4 times in a week.
Look forward to reading your diary.


Is so doing it this time
Hiya Em, sorry not been about just been so so busy trying to get children sorted for school and panicking about the god damn fees!

I just hate the beginning of a new term. I hope you got to grips with the new TV!

Also it was very honest of you to say that about your own parenting, my mother was exactly the same, we had a difficult childhood and I was brought up by my aunt. Anyway that's the past we cant change it, we just have to accept it and make the future better. Do you have grand children? x
Nice of you to get back Piglet.
Yes that rush to get things sorted for the new school term can be very hectic. At least I didn't have to worry about school fees.
The new TV continues to be a bit of a mystery. Had the man in to sort my computer and as he was only here for about a minute flat thought I would chance it and asked about the TV so he did show me how to get the recorded stuff on the old digi box, well after all £25 for a minutes work?:D
As for grandchildren, I have seven - all grown up - and two great grandchildren!Didn't have a very good relationship with the grandchildren due to my being in a rather emotional turmoil during their young lives. I haven't had the opportunity to mend the breach with my youngest daughter's family but thankfully my oldest daughter I visit regularly now and am getting along well with them all.
How are your family? Do they live close by?


Is so doing it this time
Hiya Em, we've had a very busy weekend! My mother lives in Ascot and my brother lives near Windsor on the river. We were over there today and went for a lovely walk with their dogs and did some blackberry picking but everyone else has had the same idea cos there weren't many left! I'm glad you see one of your daughters. Is there any chance of putting the past behind you and meeting up with the other children.
I didnt get on very well with my mother when I was growing up as she was very depressed most of our childhood hence my aunt raising us, but you know life is just to short and whats gone is gone. Try getting in touch. xx
Hi Piglet, I agree with you about life being short and have tried numerous times to talk to my youngest daughter and managed to send her a message via Facebook. She replied saying she was then packing to go on holiday and would get back to me but I see she is back on FB but not contacted me at all. This is not the first time I have tried but she seems determined not to communicate with me so what else can I do?
My son I do see and talk to fairly frequently but as he suffers severe depressions he keeps himself to himself, if you know what I mean?
Glad you had a lovely day and that brings back memories - the blackberry picking. Do you make jams or jellies with yours?
sorry..have not been online....moved house and the internet company has still yet to activate my broadband! I hope you have been doing well=)

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