Gonna be a 10!
Its sooo quiet in here all the time ... I think everyone must be on the WW forum on the WW site cos thats always busy ... its a real shame as I used to be on minimins all day on CD but now I've changed diets theres not an awful lot of support on this one.

There must be more of us ... I may spread the word about minimins on WW site so people use this too as I would like to continue using this one but can't if I'm a billy lol!

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I'm on and off of this site all day every day and I agree that it's always really quiet! It's a real shame.

I did post the minimins web address on the ww site once before and the only reply to it was to say that they were happy with the ww site - don't think they appreciated me trying to tempt people away, hehehe.

There aren't many people on here, but I do think the support from the few people who do post is invaluable...I've found it really encouraging, but I do wish it was a bit busier.


I'm always popping in and out during the day, having a quick read here and there. Not able to post as much as I did before Christmas during the week but I plan to catch up to every thread in here over the weekend.
Maybe we could start a thread introducing ourselves and add a bit of info, on the other forums everyone seems to know each other ( not in person but by chatting etc- not sure I worded that right!), makes it easier to post etc... I don't really know anyone posting in the ww forum :eek:, just an idea anyway, might get the ball rolling in here.
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If you look outside of the WW forum and view ALL todays post from the quick links drop down menu you will see tons of miniminers talking weight loss and beyond...enjoy!


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Although this forum doesnt move as quickly as CD etc I think most of us post every day. Ive found the support on here great and any questions Ive asked have been answered in no time.

I kind of like the idea of a small(ish) group as I think its nice to get to know one another.

Not all of us can access WW site, Id happily pay the £9.95 a month but its the registration fee of £30/£40 I cant justify.


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Starlight - I joined ww online and paid the registration fee, then I cancelled it immediately and they refunded my money - I kept my username and password on the free community site (meaning you can still use the forums etc) and then they emailed me to say that if I re-registered then I could join for the £9.95 a month and not pay the registration fee.

Just thought you might be interesting in knowing that :)


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If you go here:

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And follow the link, you can save £14.85 on the 3 month sign up, or £5 on the 1 month one.

ooh thanks for that. I will have a look in a min, just catching up on board first.

I think it is quieter on the WW forum but am sure it will pick up. I think there are a lot of people like myself who have follwed a VLCD programme and will be looking to move to WW or SW to continue with maintenace etc.

I prefer the support on here, and its nice to get to know people :) .Perhaps its not as 'busy' as some of the other sections but am sure others will join in.

The more the merrier. :) :)

Deb x